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11 Self-Care Ideas You Can Start Now

What is Self-Care?

Self Care is the activities we do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical self. Self-care leads to self-love. We often find ourselves giving giving giving without anything return and often feels depleted. When you take time out of the day to do something solely for yourself, you are nurturing your soul.

Self-care is simply doing things you love that make you feel happy and relax. You are always in charge of your own happiness no one can take your happiness away.

I created a list of self-care ideas you can incorporate into your morning/ nightly routine.

Here is a list of 11 Self-Care Ideas You Can Start Now

  1. Journal

Journaling is a great habit to start. Sometimes we store a lot of stress, anxiety, and just the world’s energy inside of us. Journaling helps by writing it out. Write out how you are feeling, write about what you love, write whatever is on your mind. I write in my journal to express gratitude. Expressing gratitude for what you have is a great way to appreciate your life and others around you. When you are grateful and in a receptive mode you are able to manifest more opportunity and abundance in your life.

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2. Yoga

Yoga is amazing and it is the practice of breath. Yoga incorporates breathing, spirituality, and mediation. It allows you to focus on the now, the present moment. In yoga, you are focused on your breath and the Sanskrit movements. There’s a lot of yoga teachers on youtube but my favorite is, Arianna Elizabeth. She has a variety of different yoga videos and challenges for all yoga levels.

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3. Spend Time In Nature

The good outdoors is the best healing. The sounds of nature naturally improve your mood. I enjoy going to my favorite park and find an isolated place to journal or create art. Hearing the birds chirping, the wind blowing, and seeing the clouds move always elevate my mood.

4. Create A Playlist

Music is powerful it has the ability to change our emotions from happiness to rage, and sadness. Create a self-care playlist with feel-good music. Music that snaps you into a better mood with positive vibes. Listen to this playlist when you are feeling down or need a break from life

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5.Take A Herbal Bath

My favorite self-care activity is taking a herbal bath. A herbal bath is a hot bath filled with your favorite herb or flower, your favorite scent, and Epsom salt. There’s a lot of herbal bath salt products but I have actually created my own. Inside my DIY herbal bath salt is Epsom salt for muscle relaxation, lavender oil, lavender buds, and Himalayan salt for body detox. After soaking in the bath, use exfoliating gloves. You will feel amazing after and sooo sooo soft.

6. Art Therapy

Gives yourself a therapeutic art session. Do a craft , paint a picture, sculpt an object just release into your creativity. Color, coloring is a calming activity. There’s a lot of color books created for adults. My favorite thing is to go on Pinterest and find a guide to a picture I would like to paint and follow along.

7.Do Something Nice For Yourself

What brings you the most joy? Whatever it is, do it! If its a product, buy it. Don’t deprive yourself, its good to treat yourself .Take yourself to the movies, buy that dress, buy that chocolate cake you love, go to the spa, whatever it may be do it.

8. Buy Yourself Flowers

What’s your favorite flower? Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers. If you want people to treat you right then the best way is to show them. ALWAYS put yourself first and do things that make you happy. In return, you will give off that aura and those around you subconsciously will learn how to treat you. Always, Treat yourself with love respect, and gratitude.

9. Take A Nap

Naps are not a waste of time. Take a break relax your mind and dream. Naps are refreshing. Naps bring clarity. After a great cat nap you will feel better and more relax. This is the energy that is needed to accomplish any goal you may have. It’s better to work on a task feeling refresh than working while feeling drained

10.Give Yourself A Facial

Make this a DIY or buy your favorite facial. I have a few favorites such as Avocado Honey and Julep mask. These mask makes my skin look and feels fresh and glowing. After I do a facial I use a rolling blade for a massage.

11.Mirror Work

Look at yourself, examine your face, your body, and thank yourself. Give yourself a compliment. Have a good honest conversion with yourself for at least 5-10 minutes.

So there it is, the 11 Self-Care Ideas You Can Start Now. Hope this helps.

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