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    Prepare for Transformation: Vision

    “Greatness starts with a clear vision of the future “- Simon Sinek

    In our series of Preparing For Transformation, which involves Vision, Decluttering, and Mindset Shifts.

    I want to focus on the first and most important step in transforming your life, which is, Vision.

    In preparation for transforming any area of your life, you first have to have a vision for it.

    You have to envision your goal as if you have already achieved it. Once you are able to see and believe it, then it will reflect in your reality.

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    Vision is having a visual representation of the goal you are wanting to achieve. So, in the process of preparing for a transformation, you have to identify the ideal goal you want. Usually, this is a visualization. If your goal is to have abs in 90 days, you will want to visualize what that looks like and feel like.

    For example, Travel By Dai’s vision is to help people become the best version of themselves during their self-discovery journey. I want to see a community of people achieve their dream life and live intentionally.

    To create more clarity with my vision, I like to write my thoughts down then plan out actionable steps to acheive my vision.

    The Top 4 Tools I Use To Create My Ideal Vision


    I also like to call it Braindumping. Braindumping is writing down whatever you are thinking or feeling. While writing, do not worry about it making sense or how it flows, just write it down to get it out of your head. Once everything is out and your vision is becoming more clear then you can refine what you wrote.


    Journaling is my ABSOLUTE favorite way to envision my goals. It is similar to braindumping, but what I like to do is, use a manifestation method called, Scripting . Scripting is a form of journaling were you write your desire outcome in the present moment.

    I am currently wanting to move into my dream apartment. So right now, I write what my day is looks like in my dream apartment, how do I feel, and I express gratitude. Journaling helps me get my vision out of my head and put it on paper so that I can visually see it.

    Create A Vision Board

    Vision boards are visual representation of your goals. I love creating vision boards because I enjoy seeing my goals in reality instead of in my head. I created a video about vision boards with awesome tips.

    Download a free vision board planner in our Freebie Library

    Create A Plan

    Planning helps make the vision obtainable . I recently read a book called the “12 Week Year” and its basically advising people to focus on 12 week goals instead fo yearly goals. The book says “You will acheive more in 12 week than you do in one year “, by focusing on creating quartly goals.

    When you create clarity with your vision, the next actionable step is to plan your vision.

    For example, With my vision/goal of moving into my dream apartment by Feb 2022 , I am creating a 12 week plan with actionable to to achieve this goal.

    As always I hope this was helpful.

    In this series : How To Prepare For Transformation , I notice three areas I tend to focus on when I am ready for a change in my life. The areas are creating a vision, declutting my inner an outer world , and mindset shifts .

    I created a free digital workbook called ” Preparing for Transformation,” in the workbook, you can write down your goals and how you plan to acheive them. Feel free to print it out or use as a digital planner.


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    Prepare for Transformation: Top 6 Mindset Shifts

    A healthy Mindset is the most important thing one can have in life.

    In our series of Preparing For Transformation, which involves Vision, Decluttering, and Mindset Shifts.

    I want to focus on the last step, Mindset

    If you want to change your life, you have to change your mind.

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    I am constantly reinventing myself to become the best version of myself and live the life I desire.

    Once, I gave myself permission to live my dream life, I realized how I viewed the world directly affects my reality.

    In order to change my life, my course of action was to fix my thought process and take actionable steps to obtain my desires.

    Mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. There are 3 different type of mindset.

    1. Abundance mindset
    2. Growth Mindset
    3. Positive Mindset

    Having an Abundance Mindset is thinking that there is more than enough for everyone. You are not thinking in a Scarcity Mindset, which is lacking and limited resources. When thinking in Abundance, you believe that whatever you have you will create more of it.

    An example of an Abundance Mindset verse scarcity is, Thinking giving away free items will hurt my business and no one will want to purchase my other product.

    This thought made me feel sad, frustrated, and drained. Then I switch to thinking in abundance, ” I am providing value and trust with my free product and people are enjoying it”.

    With this shift, when I think of the abundant thoughts I feel happy and fulfilled which makes me want to create more freebies to help.

    Bonus: Law of reciprocity -when you send out good thoughts and action, that energy will come back to you.

    Below, Are My Top 6 Favorite Mindset Shifts

    These tips have helped me relax and flow in life to create the life I desire.

    1.I Am Allowing My Path To Unfold

    I use to stress about my life purpose. I couldn’t see working my life away at a job that I didn’t like. I wanted to travel the world, experience new things, but I couldn’t find a job that align with what I want to do.

    I had over 10 different jobs, moved abroad to china, travel to over 10 countries, and just allowed the self-discovery process to unfold. Through this journey, I realized what I like and I knew the answer the whole time. sometimes your life purpose isn’t this big grand thing. it could be as simple as giving people advice, making people lif for helping people become the best version of there self

    ted talk to listen to :

    2. I Get To Experience Today

    This is my favorite mindset shift I incorporated. Not to be morbid but the day isn’t promised. We are lucky to have the day. Instead of saying I have to do this as if it is a chore I think in an abundance mindset and express gratitude that I am happy I GET To experience the day and everything that come with it. Truly appreciate the little simple things in life and you will see the difference it makes

    3. It’s Ok To Take A Break

    Rest is a part of growth. You have to give your mind, body, and soul a break from the day. Rest helps you become stronger. In our society, rest is sometimes translated to lazy but if you need a moment to recharge then take it. I recently learned there are 7 different ways to rest, that are extremely important for our growth.

    1. Physical Rest – Normal night sleep
    2. Mental Rest- Silencing your thoughts and relaxing your mind
    3. Social Rest- Taking time to yourself away from social events
    4. Creative Rest- Creating art, solving problems, cooking, using your creative side.
    5. Emotional Rest- Releasing emotions in a Journal or doing things that make you happy
    6. Spiritual Rest- Doing things that bring purpose to your life or volunterring to your favorite organization.
    7. Sensory Rest- Doing things that will not overload out 5 sense, this can be taking a walk in nature and mediate.

    The purpose of resting is to replenish oneself. How often are you resting?

    4.Tiny Steps Lead To Big Things

    This was the hardest mindset shift for me, especially in this day in age where instant gratification is EVERYWHERE. Each blog or IG post I expected to go viral or receive a lot of attention and just instantly become successful. Instead of focusing on what I have accomplished and realizing these small steps will eventually lead me to my overall goal. So, instead of focusing on lack, I shifted my mind to focus on growth

    5. Mistake Are How I Learn How To Get Better

    Making mistake is the best way to learn and learn fast! I often make mistakes, when I travel. I will get lost or mispronounce a landmark but once I make the mistake, I learn from it. I will learn from the experience and remember to not make the mistake again.

    Making mistakes isn’t something to dwell on, give yourself thanks for even trying and then correct the mistake. We aren’t perfect so it is ok. You have now learned from your mistake and will be more prepared next time.

    6.Money Is Energy That Flows To Me

    Who doesn’t want to just have a large lump sum of money deposited into their bank account?

    Who is ready to drink smoothies in a villa in Bali?

    I know I am.

    Guess what?

    This is completely possible! Money is a mindset, money is energy that flows to you when you are ready to accept it.

    I view money as a river, if I have rocks( negative thoughts) in the river, the river will not flow freely, if I clear the rocks from the river,the river will flow easier and freely.

    I believe you just have to create a path without rock(negaitve thoughts) for the river to flow and it will.

    My favorite mantra to say is ” Money is easy and flows freely to me ”

    Preparing for Transformation

    “A changed mind, is a changed life.”

    Having a good perspective in your life can drastically change your life for the better. You will feel more energized, happy, and content in life. You will feel motivated to achieve the things you want and desire. Having a good mindset is the most important thing to have when you are ready to change your life.

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    Prepare for Transformation: 8 Tips to Declutter Your Digital Space

    Declutter Your Digital Space.

    “Out with the old, in with the new! ” This is a phrase we have all heard before.

    Sometimes we collect things that we don’t really need, capitalism. In a world that is constantly telling us to consume.. consume..consume… it’s hard to let go.

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    What Is Decluttering?

    Decluttering is simply removing unnecessary items from an overcrowded area.

    When you think of decluttering most people think about their closet, room, or attic. These are all necessary places to clean and are often overcrowded.

    Have you ever thought of decluttering your Digital Space?

    We live in a digital world, and sometimes it can become overpopulated. How many photos, screenshots, and memes do you have on your phone?

    How many people are you following on social media? Maybe, you don’t enjoy their content anymore and just never got around to unfollowing them?

    What about your emails? I m currently at 967 emails ! that is soo unnecessary.

    Well let’s do an 8-day Decluttering Challenge for our Digital Space

    We will focus on one area of your Digital Space and clear it out!

    Here Are A Few Digital Spaces To Help You Declutter


    Decluttering photos is a pretty tough task because you value each one. I like to start with my funny memes and screenshots. I know for sure I will not want to keep those so I don’t even review them, I immediately trash them.

    Next, I personally like to print the photos I have collected throughout the year and make a photo album or just print them out 4 x 6. I use Shutterfly to create physical photobooks.

    I also like to use digital photo albums to keep them safe and to clear my phone’s photo album.

    Digital memory photo album
    Digital photo album


    I am currently looking at 967 emails and asking myself how, how did I accumulate 900+ emails. I haven’t even checked my spam/junk folder yet.

    I found the quickest way to delete emails is to just go to the “Unread” tab and just click delete. Don’t look, just delete.

    There is a website called unroll.me, It syncs your email up to get their software and you can see all of your email subscriptions. Once you see the list of subscriptions, then you can pick the ones you want to easily unsubscribe too

    3.Text Messages

    Decluttering text messages is a little tricky because you want to hold on to the conversations. I personally only delete text message threads for people I haven’t talked to in a while. I also like to unsubscribe from receiving text messages from companies trying to advertise.

    4. Notes In Your Phone

    If you have an iPhone, you may have used the “Notes” feature on your phone. As a person who has a million tabs open in their brain, I literally have to write things down or in this case, use the notes feature, or I’ll forget.

    Well, recently I realized I haven’t deleted any of my notes in a long time, since 2015, and now I have a total of 585 notes. Well, that’s not totally awful for a 6 year period.. or is it .. either way lol go through the notes and delete what is needed.

    I found that I have a lot of grocery list notes lol and random thoughts. I am going to keep the random thought notes but delete everything else.

    5. Apps

    Sometimes decluttering isn’t necessary throwing things away or deleting them.

    Review the apps on your phone, and if you realize you need and want them, keep them.

    What I like to do, is to organize my apps into a folder. I like to create categories for my apps and then organize them into a specific folder. I currently have Productivity, Finance, Social Media, Business, Creativity, Shopping and Food, and Travel folders.

    The apps that fit each category, I place in the folder. It makes everything a lot neater and I do not have to search for the apps on my phone.

    Example from Pinterest

    6. Desktops

    The same goes for desktop, look through your downloads and see if there is anything you want to delete and delete it. If not, create a folder and try to organize any documents, photos, or downloads you have. This makes it easy for you if you know exactly where everything is at.

    I also like to create an organized wallpaper on Canva for my desktop. As shown below, with my wallpaper, I created an area for my vision board to go, I added a few personal photos and a to-do list. I use the sticky notes feature on my laptop to add the tasks I want to complete for the day. In the middle of the Wallpaper, where it says Travel By Dai, I place my frequently used folders there for easy access. On the top left side where it says “You Got It” there is usually an inspirational quote there.

    Here is an example of my desktop.


    The Bookmark feature on your chrome browsers makes it easy to go to any of your frequently visited websites. It is super easy to bookmark websites but also, easy to forget we have bookmarked websites and now have tons of websites bookmarked

    Review the bookmarks in your browser and remove the ones you no longer frequent anymore.

    This also includes any chrome extensions or extensions you aren’t using.

    8. Unfollow People on Social Media

    Last but not least, and the most important.

    Social Media.

    Remove all social media apps you are no longer using or do not find beneficial.

    Sometimes on social media, for me, especially on Tiktok I find myself following accounts that I am not really interested in. The creator had one funny video and for some reason, I liked and followed. I ended up following 400 people. This isn’t bad, it is just who are these 400 people why am I following them?

    If there’s a lot of people you just follow and they aren’t adding value to your life then unfollow them. This can be friends or family. No one should take a unfollow personally, and if they do, just explain to them why.

    After reviewing the 400 accounts I was following, I realized I was only seeing about 10 of those creator content. I was only engaged in seeing 10 people’s content because they post often and it was interesting.

    I ended up cutting 400 down to about 30 people that I truly liked their content. Each account was helping me in some sort of way. I was either learning how to edit better, blog better, cook, travel, and just things that would enhance my life.

    So go through the people you are following and ask yourself why you are and determine if you want to continue.

    How To Declutter Digital Spaces.

    Well, that’s it, those are the 8 areas in my digital space I would focus on decluttering.

    I hope this helped you. Remember to take your time and really go through each area. Spend a day on each one during this 8 day decluttering challenge. Letting go is a process.

    The goal is to spend 8 days on each of the 8 areas to fully declutter.

    Below, I created A workbook called ” Prepare for Transformation.” I notice when you are ready to transform and change your life, the 3 core areas I found that people focus on before the change are:

    1. Creating The Vision

    2 .Decluttering

    3. Mindset

    Download this free workbook to help you along your journey.


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    How To Use A Digital Planner Memory book

    If you love photo albums or scrapbooking then you will definitely love Digital Memory books.

    What is a Digital Memory Book

    A digital planner memory book is simply a digital version of a photo album or scrapbook. You can store all of your photos in the memory book and keep them forever.

    Benefits Of A Digital Memory Book

    1. You can use them forever! So, there are two ways to do so. First, you can keep duplicating the pages if you are using the Goodnote App. The second way is to Duplicate the entire album and reuse it . You never have to buy a new Digital photo album. Only if you want a new design.
    2. You can share the album with your friends and family. In Goodnotes ,there’s an option to export so you can either Export the Memory Book and print the pages out orrrr share the link.
    3. Not everything has to go on social media, keep your special moments offline and in the Digital Memory Book.

    Using a Digital memory book is such a fun and environment-friendly way to scrapbook or save your special moments.

    If you are new to digital planning you can try a FREE DIGITAL MEMORY BOOK in the freebie library !


    Digital Memory Book
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    The Ultimate Guide to Digital Planning For beginners’

    digital planner

    Are you ready to go paperless and start using Digital Planners?

    Awesome! Well, keep reading to find out how to go from newbie to expert.

    Everything you need to know on how to start digital planning is below :

    1. What Is Digital planning?

    Digital planning is simply the alternative to using paper planners and journals. Instead of having several different planners and journals and using paper products, use a digital planner instead.

    2.What is a Digital Planner

    A digital planner is a PDF file/ Template design as a planner. You upload the pdf file to an annotating app or website such as Goodnotes that allows you to write on the file!

    Digital planning by travel by dai

    Save the trees and switch to digital planners.

    3. What Do You Need To Start Digital Planning?

    1. An iPad/Tablet, that is compatible with any “notetaking app”
    2. Apple Pencil or Stylus
    3. A Digital Planner!

    That’s It!

    Free Digital Planner

    digital planner travel bydai

    If you are an Apple user you can download one of these apps:

    1. Good note ( My Favorite)
    2. Noteshelf
    3. Notability

    If you are an Android user you can download:

    1. Noteshelf
    2. Xodo

    iPad users! I highly recommend Goodnotes 5!

    Digital Planners VS Paper Planners

    Why Digital planning?

    There are several reasons why I prefer digital planning over paper planners.

    Reason #1 Portability

    Other than it being eco-friendly I love that they are portable. You can use your digital planner on your tablet, on your phone, and on your desktop.

    I have the GoodNote app on my phone, laptop, and iPad. As long as you are using the same login, you can use the digital on all three devices. The cool part is that as soon as you make a change to one device the other two will immediately update

    Reason #2 Save on Supplies

    Digital planning is super creative because with the app Goodnote you have all the supplies you need to fill out your digital planner.

    In most note-taking apps, there is a toolbar. In this toolbar, you have highlighters in a variety of colors and you can upload your own custom colors, Different size pens, erasers, and options to upload pictures to your digital planner or journal. Most people upload their digital stickers here.

    inside goodnotes

    No more shopping for stickers or finding cool scrap pieces to add to your planner.

    Now you can just on google and find an image and paste it into your planner!! Very cost-effective because it’s free! or there’s a lot of creators that sell digital stickers that you can purchase from too.

    The cool thing about digital stickers is that they last FOREVER unless you delete them. If you don’t delete them, then you can use them for an infinite amount of time.

    Can you do that with paper stickers without continuously buying them?

    Free stickers coming soon, Sign up for the mail list to be notified


    Pro tip: Pinterest has a lot of free planners and stickers for you to use.

    Reason #3 Duplicate

    Say goodbye to the days of having to repeatedly buy a new planner once you finish it. You ever had a planner that you completely loved but finish?

    Well, the cool thing with a digital planner is you can duplicate the pages as many times as you want. You can even duplicate the planner! or You can erase the information in your planner and start over!

    Digital planners last FOREVERRRR

    Finding the Best digital planners

    Ok ok, so we learned a lot about digital planners, now let’s find one!

    Digital planning shopping is the same as physical planners shopping. You can browse until something call out to you or search Shops like mine or on Etsy for digital planners.

    There are a variety of planners out there on the internet, figure out if you want a planner or journal then go from there.

    Different Types of Digital Planners and Journals

    1. Un-dated Monthly planner OR Dated Monthly Planner
    2. Weekly Planners
    3. Digital photo albums/ digital scrapbooking to store your photos , you can also share the link
    4. Guided Digital Journal Prompts
    5. Bullet Planner
    6. Bullet Journal
    7. Daily Planners and more

    Things to consider when shopping for a digital planner

    Do you want your digital planner to be landscape or portrait? This isn’t a big deal because you can rotate the device but some people prefer the original file to be in a specific way.

    The planners in my shop are usually landscape because I love making them look as realistic as possible with hyperlink tabs but you can always rotate your device if you prefer writing portrait style.

    Want to Learn How to Use a Digital Planner?

    Some of us are visual learners and so seeing is believing.

    No worries I have you covered! I have a ton of videos showing you what my planner looks like and how to use planners in general!


    I know I previously listed a ton of pros of switching to a digital planner but here is one con I could think of:

    There is a tiny learning curve!

    With anything new in life, it takes your mind a second to process and get used to doing something new. Digital planning is easy in its simplest form but when you use a new app such as GoodNote, it has a ton of cool features so if you want to optimize your digital planning experience it is helpful to know some of the features. If you don’t want to, then no worries GoodNotes is pretty intuitive.

    How to upload/import Digital planner to GoodNotes.

    Follow these steps below to upload your new digital planner:

    1. Once you download the digital planner you are going to want to save it to your device. I use an app called “Files” you can use any app such as google drive.
    2. Open your note-taking app, for example, I am using GoodNotes.
    3. Once GoodNote is open you are going to click the plus sign inside of the blue box to the left.
    4. There will be a drop-down option to upload your planner. Click “Import” then find your digital planner.
    5. Now the digital planner is on GoodNote’s home page. You can tap on your digital planner to open it.
    6. Once your planner is open in the top right click on the apple pencil icon to begin writing.
    7. Make sure your Apple pencil or stylus is charged then being planning.

    Where Can I Find A Free Digital Planner Template Download for iPad?

    You can find digital planners here or on Pinterest.

    Also, watch fun plan with me videos and How-to videos to learn how to get the most out of your digital planner.

    Hope this guide was helpful!

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    Remote Income,  Teach English online,  teach in china

    Teach English Online: How To Become a Digital Nomad With No Experience

    I’ve watched video after video, read blog after blog, trying to figure out how people worked remotely while living in a different country.

    via GIPHY

    How were they able to afford this lifestyle?

    Don’t you need a lot of money to travel, right?

    After watching my favorite vloggers reveal what they did and how they did it, I knew for sure, without a doubt, I couldn’t and didn’t want to do what they were doing.

    I want to live a nice and soft slow life. A life filled with low capitalism just enjoying my existent and the people around me. I didn’t want to learn a brand new skill, especially a skill I didn’t care about.

    I was at a point in my life where I only want to do things that aligned with my soul purpose..or close to it.

    Most digital nomads I have come across works in the tech industries. They are either website designers, coders, or software engineers.

    I am honestly was just burnt out and did not feel or want to learn a new skill. I was just so ready to go and LIVE and I know you are feeling the same too.

    So, How to become a digital nomad with no experience or skills? Well, this is what I did.

    I wrote down what was already working for me and what skills do I already have and decided to expand on those skills. In the spirit of adulthood….I made a list.

    teach english online

    So for me, I thought of which path would be the easiest and one of least resistant. I don’t want to work hard, I want to work smart and stay in alignment.

    I picked teaching English online to start my digital nomad journey. If you want to become a digital nomad but have no experience, Then teaching English online is the easiest option.

    How To Teach Online and Travel the world?

    You do not necessarily have to teach English you can teach anything you feel you have more knowledge than the average person!

    You can teach English, Art, Math, and/or Yoga.

    What Are The Requirements to Become an ESL Teacher?

    ESL stands for English as a Second language. As an ESL teacher, your job is to teach or tutor kids, teens, or adults in the English language.

    As an ESL teacher, you can specialize in different areas. Depending on which company you pick, you can teach grammar or conversational English, or both.

    I prefer teaching conversational English, to be honest, grammar wasn’t my favorite subject in school but I don’t mind writing ..weird I know.

    Anywho, I try to stick with companies that focus mainly on conversational English.

    In general, the requirement are:

    1. Native English speaker ( no worries, nonnative English speakers there are tons of companies that hire nonnative speakers, click here )
    2. Bachelors degree ( no worries here, I have a list of companies who do not require a BA degree, click here )
    3. Tefl Certificate ( Most companies require this but there are a few that can provide one for you )
    4. Teaching Experience

    As an online ESL teacher, you are an independent contractor, Which is a huge perk for me!

    You aren’t required to work 40 hours a week to keep your job and you can create your own schedule!

    Benefits of Becoming an Online English Teacher

    My favorite benefit of teaching online English is time freedom. The flexibility in the ESL industry is GREAT.

    You can pick your hours and work when you want. I like to split my day up, work 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours at night or do 8 hours a day at once or 5 hours Tuesday and make the rest up another day. It is completely up to you.

    How Does Teaching Online work?

    You will be teaching children, teens, or adults English through an online platform. This could be within the company system ( my fav ) or via zoom or skype.

    Next, You set your hours of availability and just show up! It is super easy, 99% of the time the company provides a lesson plan for you so no planning or prepping. Just review the lesson make sure you understand and teach it!

    If you aren’t feeling too comfortable with teaching do not worry, once you are hired there will be training and there are also a lot of youtube videos showing you how to teach online.

    Most classes range from 10-45 minutes and this is determined by the ESL company you decided to go with.

    You will also have the option of one-on-one teaching vs group.

    In short, the company you pick matters. There are so many ESL companies hiring, I would try to find one or two that is more closely related to what you want.

    For me, I realize I prefer teaching adults in conversational English. There aren’t that mainly platforms for adults and the pay isn’t as great as the children platforms so it is best to work for at least two platforms.

    Go to the platform that pays the highest and you like.

    teach english online

    My favorite platform to teach adults is Engoo. You get to have an intellectual conversation if you’re into that and learn about your student culture.

    My favorite teaching online platform for children is Education First, EF, because literally 95% of the work is done for you!

    You are basically just reviewing what the child has already learned in class. The students were already taught the material prior to you, so all you have to do is just do a quick 25-minute revision.

    Oh, and out of all the online teaching platforms, this is perfect for introverts ( if you aren’t into buying props and being weirdly outgoing ). I speak about the whole process here.

    How Much Do Online ESL Teachers Make?

    The pay ranges for teachers, from$10-25 an hour depending on your qualifications.

    Teaching children is where the big bucks are. Some companies offer a flat rate for teaching while others have metrics or bonuses you can achieve to increase your pay.

    For example: Look at EF pay structure :

    It is possible to make a living by teaching English online. I love the flexibility it provides and I believe this is the perfect job for anyone who wants to become a digital nomad or simply want another side hustle.

    My first experience teaching English online in a foreign country is what motivated me to make this my lifestyle, I was stuck in Thailand and without a job.

    I decided to try teaching for Cambly to see if I could do it.

    My day was so perfect. I would wake up, get food (pad thai of course with a smoothie), stop by 7 eleven go to Maya mall to do my work, then come back to teach for a few hours on Cambly to make $50 that day then I would go back to the local night market eat the best wings with the best pineapple passion fruit smoothie all for $60 baht.

    What are the equipment requirements for Teaching English Online

    The equipment requirements vary as well, it is best to review as many ESL companies to see what you match with the best.

    In general, the requirements are:

    -Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone

    -High-speed Internet

    Most require a laptop but Palfish is one company that allows smartphones. Also, Vipkid you can teach on a tablet or laptop as well.

    I Do Not Want To Be An ESL Teacher, What Can I Do?

    Good news! There are other platforms for you if you arent interested in becoming an ESL teacher.

    The only con is, you have to create the teaching material yourself.

    You can become a freelance teacher in any industry.

    Pro: You are in complete control of your business

    Con: This may not be a con for all, but you have to find your own clients and create a curriculum for them

    There are a few online platforms that can help with attracting customers to your business. These platforms are like a marketplace, they bring the potential customers but you still have to market a bit.

    Top 3 Freelance Teaching Platforms

    1. Outschool
    2. Udemy
    3. Skillshare

    Outschool is for kids 3-18 that provides a fun interesting curriculum on many different topics.

    You can find people teaching yoga, guitar lesson, unboxing, gardening lesson, dancing, gaming, movie review discussion, anything! To children 3-18. Outschool prefers their teachers to teach a live class but they do have an option called Flex, which allows you to record the class.

    Udemy is more of a passive income, similar to Outschool but is cater to Everyone! You just create a course on whatever topic you want and then offer the course on their platform.

    Skillshare “classes are authentic, actionable, and designed to help students bring what they learn into the real world. On Skillshare, students watch classes at their own pace, create projects to practice what they‘ve learned, and interact with each other from all around the world”

    So there you have it!

    There are tons of ways to teach online and it doesn’t have to necessarily be teaching English, it can be anything you are interested in such as a hobby.

    This is a great way to become a digital nomad with no experience and create passive income.

    Remote Income,  Travel Resources

    How To Become A Digital Nomad In 2022

    This world is crazy!

    Can we build a time machine and go back to 2019! Please.

    via GIPHY

    How was your life in 2019?

    Lol, Well for me, it was amazing.

    I was finally settled in my new life in China and started making friends, learning the language, and planning my Chinese New Year’s trip to Thailand.

    Well, the Thailand trip still happened but, so did a worldwide pandemic.

    I was fortunately/unfortunately stranded in Thailand for about two months with little savings and just lost my job because China shut most of the schools down.

    While I was in Thailand, I meet a few foreigners working there and later learned this term called DIGITAL NOMAD.

    I was so impressed with them, they were around my age or younger and enjoying life backpacking around Thailand.

    I had a moment to talk to one guy, in particular, who gave me good insight.

    He was from New Jersey and is a freelancer, he freelanced his PPC service and supported his self that way.

    What he told me in the simplest form is to:

    Then bomb! Welcome to Digital Nomad life.

    Easier said than done right?

    Well, Travel by Dai’s goal is to help you create the life you want and provide the resources, tools, and insight needed for that journey.

    Like my favorite author, Paulo Coelho said, “People are capable at any time in their lives of doing what they dream of.”

    How To Become a Digital Nomad

    First, we have to establish the types of freedoms we should all have, but because of modern civilization, we do not.

    In the journey of creating the life you want, you can acquire all three freedoms. The three freedoms are Time, Location, and Financial Freedom.

    For me, what is most important is Financial and Location Freedom.

    What is Time Freedom?

    Time freedom is the ability to do what you want, when you want, and not restricted to a set schedule. You are in charge of your time.

    Think of it like a 9-5 job. You are working Monday-Friday, including your commute time to and from work. You are restricted by time on what you can do.

    You are indirectly being told what you can do out of 10 hours of your life.

    For example, the time it takes you to get to work, the 8 hours of work, when and how long you can eat, how many breaks you can have, and the time it takes to decompress after work.

    I know soul-crushing.

    While living in China, I realized. I had financial freedom and location freedom( sort of ) BUT waking up at 6:40 am and getting home at 7 pm was getting old, but I did not mind it because my job was still fulfilling my purpose.

    Fast forward of me stuck in Thailand, with small savings.

    I worked online with Cambly for a few hours, woke up whenever I wanted, grabbed Pad Thai, a smoothie for breakfast, and heading over to the coworking place to work on my blog before the scheduled classes that I picked!

    This gave me flexible time freedom.

    An example of absolute time freedom is, picking when you want to work no matter the time of day or choosing not to do anything that day but still receiving an income

    What is Location freedom?

    Location Freedom is the ability to travel anywhere you want.

    Think of this as having a remote job, you can work from home as a remote worker because your work is done on a laptop.

    Although most jobs are conducted from home now I am finding they are still a bit limited.

    My last job, before I went full-time blogging, was remote. Which I was happy about, but then I emailed HR to see how remote, “remote” is.

    The answer was….. No… Only remote within the USA.

    The stipulation was, I was able to work remotely within the USA.

    I could travel between states but my idea of having a remote job and moving to Thailand was crushed.

    TIP: When looking for a job, look for one that is location-independent. These employers do not care where you work as long as you are getting the work done.

    What is Finacial Freedom?

    Financial Freedom is the ability to experience and afford the lifestyle you want.

    I think it is important the aspiring digital nomad know the different freedoms so that you aren’t stuck in a trap of working 12 hours in your dream country that you don’t have the chance to enjoy.

    Disclaimer: I just want to say you do not have to achieve all 3 at once. You can work on each one at a time but just remember your goal and stay consistent

    Different Way to become a digital nomad

    Here we go! What are the different ways to become a digital nomad.

    How to find a remote job?

    In today’s age, it is extremely easy to find a remote job.

    Just type in remote in indeed or Linkedin. The hard part about remote jobs is that most of the time they aren’t location independent.

    They are usually remote from within your country but you can not work outside or live outside of your country and do work.

    If you plan to just do van life and explore the USA then Remote is perfect

    Here are a few websites to use to find remote work and location-independent work

    1. Indeed.com
    2. Linkedin.com
    3. weworkremotely.com
    4. flexjob.com
    5. https://remoteok.io/remote-companies/nomad-list
    6. https://remote.co/remote-jobs/
    7. https://www.workingnomads.co/jobs
    8. https://oetjobs.com/

    Next, How to find a freelance Job

    A freelancer is someone who obtains a skill and is now offering a service.

    Freelancing is a good option for digital nomads and the most popular.

    It is best to start freelancing as a side hustle until you can develop a clientele. The benefit of freelancing is you can work anywhere and you are your own boss.

    The benefit of freelancing is there isn’t a cap on your income. You can charge whatever you want and manage your freelance business how you want to.

    As a freelancer, there are a lot of different skills and opportunities you can offer and receive payment for.

    If you are unsure of what you would like to offer, a good place to look is on freelancer websites and see what is already working.

    Or, look for one that you are naturally drawn to if you do not know how to do any of the skills pick one that you are interested in and then learn how to do it. You can take courses from Udemy, Youtube or Skillshare.


    Here are a few websites to get you started:

    1. Upwork.com
    2. Fiverr.com
    3. Freelancer.com
    4. https://www.peopleperhour.com/

    Last, Become an Entremperenur with an online business.

    I know easier said than done and this can take time but the ROI is great!

    There are different ways to become an online business owner such as becoming a content creator, start a podcast, dropshipping, blogging, and teaching online to name a few.

    Related Post:

    Teach English Online: How to become a digital nomad with no experience

    You are completely in control of your time and how much you can earn.

    I teach English online, blog, freelance( create digital notebooks for clients), own Etsy shop, and youtube.

    These are different sources of income that will help me afford the life I want abroad.

    Best Destination For Digital Nomad

    The destination is completely up to you but these are things I WOULD CONSIDER :

    1. Is the cost of living lower than your monthly income?
    2. Does the lifestyle of the country match your desire lifestyle?
    3. How is the Internet connectivity?

    The most popular digital nomad places are:

    1. Bali, Indonesia
    2. Chiangmai, Thailand ( my favorite)
    3. Daang, Vietnam
    4. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    5. Costa Rica
    6. Georgia (the country )

    Travel Health Insurance to consider:

    1. Safetywing
    2. Worldnomad

    Visa options :

    1. Tourist Visa
    2. Remote Worker visa
    3. Volunteer visa
    4. Education Visa

    I hope this post helped you on your journey and answered a few questions on how to become a digital nomad in 2021-2022.

    Creating a new lifestyle is challenging and there is a lot of planning that goes into it. The things that help me are to, write it all down and create a 6-month plan to moving abroad.

    If you are ready to move abroad and want to get organized with your move, then click here, Move Abroad Planner, is what I use to move from the USA to Thailand

    Let’s be friends, join my community :

  • teach in china

    Teaching English in China Salary: How much can you make in 2021?

    The expected salary for Teaching English in China depends on your experience, location, negotiation power, and teaching positions.

    Teachers can expect to be paid between 6,000 – 30,000 RMB ($907- $4,537 USD). The salary ranges between experience and inexperience teachers.

    However, there are different factors that affect a teachers’ earning potential such as:



    3.Teaching positions


     Your Teaching Position Determines Your Teaching Salary In China

    There are several different positions you can do when teaching abroad in China.

    1. Kindergarten ( ages 2-5-year-olds)
    2. Training/Learning centers ( Kids and Adults)
    3. College/ University Professor
    4. Certified Teacher At International School
    5. Public or Primary School Teacher

    International schools, in general, pay more but requires you to be a certified teacher. While Universities pay the least but you have the most freedom.

    Each position has its pros and cons, so it’s best to figure out which position you will feel comfortable with and the salary that goes along with it.

    China is an inexpensive country so all of the salaries mentioned are livable for new and experienced teachers.

    You will be able to save the most money on an International, Training center, and/or kindergarten Teacher salary in china.

    Teaching English In China Salary For Kindergarten

    Kindergarten positions pay the highest if you are a certified teacher.

    Kindergartens in China differ from the ones in the USA. Kindergartens in China are really a combination of preschool-age children and kindergarten. The ages range from 2- 5 years olds.

    The normal operating hours are between 8- 4:30 pm for a private Kindergarten. You will have teaching hours and office hours.

    Teaching hours are the hours you are physically teaching in the classroom. While office hours are the hour you use to lesson plan and get ready for the next day.

    The salary range between 10,000 -15,000RMB, in some cases you can receive more. This position has additional benefits such as housing stipend and paid holidays.

    Another great benefit is ..FREE lunch.

    The class time is relatively short, you may teach between 30 -45 minutes.

    I taught kindergarten in Hangzhou, China. I taught two hours out of the day but engaged with the children throughout the day.

    I also had two groups of children that I rotated with for morning and afternoon classes.

    International Schools Teaching Salary In China

    International schools in China are schools for expat children.

    In China, if you aren’t a Chinese citizen you have to go to an International school.

    International schools focus on American or British based curriculum.

    International schools only accepted qualified teachers. So, only teachers who have experience and are certified with a bachelor’s degree in education can apply.

    Since these positions are highly sot after, there is a HUGE demand for these teachers. With such a large demand the pay for these teachers has increased.

    As a certified teacher in an international school in China, your expected salary will be between 18,000RMB – 30,000rmb ( roughly $2,000-$4,000 USD).

    This is the highest paying teaching position in China and in my opinion the best.

    You will have plenty of money left over to enjoy yourself, travel, and save.

    This position is a normal 40 hour a week teaching position.

    Salaries For Teaching English In Colleges And Universities

    An English college professor has the freest time.

    You are only required to teach your class times and then you can leave for the day. The hours per week are roughly around 15-17 hours a week or less. Although this has the freest time where you can explore China, it doesn’t pay the most.

    This position pays the least.

    You are still able to have free accommodation on campus, So, if you want to explore China then this is the best position to have.

    The salary range between 6,000-9,000RMB, depending on if it’s a public or private university.

    Public universities are more lucrative than private. This position offers free accommodation usually on campus, a month off for Chinese New Year, paid summer off, and all major holidays.

    This position gives you plenty of time to explore China and neighboring countries.

    Salaries For  Training Centers

    Learning centers are basically after school tutoring centers for Chinese children to practice English.

    Teaching at a training center you are basically a tutor. The children come here after their long day of school and on weekends to practice English.

    These institutes are paid for by the parents. Training centers also known as learning centers are the most common teaching jobs for foreigners.

    You are paid reasonably if you negotiate your salary. You do have to work evening hours and on weekends but most foreigners work these hours as well.

    So, if you are a morning person this is a perfect position for you.

    The salary ranges significantly depending on the company and location. At training centers, you are working with diverse age groups. Children between 6- 18 years old.

    There are also adult training centers that usually cater to business professionals. These often pay well too. The pay ranges for adults are 20-22k RMB.

    Training center hires the most and is the easiest and fast way to enter the country.

    Salaries for Teaching English in Public Schools

    Public school has the most freedom in regards to teaching.

    Although, the class size is pretty large around 20 – 30 students. In some cases, you may have 60 children that you teach throughout the day.

    Public schools have standard holiday days off and other major benefits too. Your teaching hours are less compared to Kindergartens. The teaching hours are around 16-20 hours a week.

    You have free lunch and paid vacation time with longer time off during the Chinese holidays.

    You also have more freedom with your lesson and teaching style. You may or may not have a co-teacher so class management is a must. This is a bit challenging but can be rewarding

    The salary for this posotion is 6,200-15,300 ($900-$2,200) per month.

    Always Negotiate Your Teaching Salary in China

    Now that you are familiar with the pay scale, you have the knowledge to negotiate your salary.

    If you have the experience and qualifications don’t be afraid to state your desire pay.

    Negotiation is apart of Chinese culture and if a school isn’t willing to accept your pay desire.. move on. There are literally thousands of other schools. Don’t sell yourself short.

    I hope this helps you! If you want a free guide to WeChat of recruiters located in china or a list of job boards click here.

  • teach english in china requirements
    teach in china

    What are the requirements to teach English in China in 2021?

    teach english in china requirements
    My Kindergarten Class in Hangzhou

    China can be a great place to work, but there are soooo many factors that influence your experience while there.

    Teaching ESL in China was such a rewarding experience, but you can become burnt out if you do not have a good job. Chinese work culture is a bit different than American work culture, so keep that in mind.

    Below, Are the requirements for teaching English in China, plus things to consider when choosing a job.

    Can You Teach English In China Without A Bachelor’s Degree?

    Technically no, but it does happen..illegally. In order to legally teach in china, you must have an authenticated bachelor’s degree for the Z visa.

    Some foreigners will come to China on a tourist visa and teach illegally. This is very dangerous and you can end up in jail or deported if caught.

    There is however another way to teach but it is unpaid. You can teach English in China without a degree as an intern or volunteer, but will not be able to receive payment.

    What Are The Requirements For Teaching English In China?

    The minimal requirements to teach English in China are to have a:

    1. Bachelor’s Degree In Any Subject

    In order to legally work in China and receive a work permit/ Z visa, you must have a Bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree can be in any subject as long as it’s from a 4-year accredited school. If you have a degree in education that is a huge plus for you. You will be able to work in an international school or receive higher pay.

    2. A TEFL Certificate

    A TEFL( Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate is the main certification required for future ESL teachers. Chinese education system requires applicants to have a 120-hour TEFL certificate.

    There are a lot of different TEFL programs and some are expensive while others are not. You can obtain your TEFL either in-class or online. I chose the latter because I wanted to work at my own pace.

    The cool thing about the different TEFL programs is if you chose an in-person you can choose to learn in different countries such as Thailand. Also, when considering a program, if I could do it all over again, I would choose a program with a lot of alumni support and job placement.

    3. Native English Speaker

    Currently, the government requires an ESL teacher to be a native English speaker. The preferred countries that ESL teachers are from are U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand citizens.

    4. Work Experience

    teach english in china requirements
    Co-workers from my school

    Two years of work experience postgraduate is required to teach English in China.

    Although, this is kind of glossed over in most cases. I had only one year of experience but was able to obtain a Z visa and work permit.

    Although this was reflected in my pay, my salary was entry-level since I was inexperienced. So, it is best to have as much experience as possible for negotiating power.

    The work experience can come from anything involving children, such as babysitting, nanny, camp counselor, volunteering, etc.

    5. Background Check

    An FBI background check is needed for teaching children in China.

    If you have experience teaching in the USA you already are aware that background checks and fingerprints are required to work in the school systems. This is the same for teaching English abroad.

    The FBI background check last for 6 months.

    Below, Are Unofficial Requirements For Teaching English In China


    When moving abroad to teach, the start-up process can cost a bit. So, it’s best to have a saving reserve for authentication of documents, visa fee, flight, hotel, and rent.

    Authentication of documents and visa fees is an expense that isn’t really talked about since some schools promise to reimburse you for it but in order to do so you have to pay for it upfront first.

    You have to get your bachelor’s degree, TEFL, background check, and passport authenticated from the Chinese consulate. You can find the cost of it from your local China Visa Consulate office.

    In China, rent is paid every three months.

    If your employer is providing housing then you will not have to worry about this but if they aren’t and just providing a stipend then this is a cost you will have to pay initially. Most stipends are 2-4k RMB, so try to find an apartment within that range. Then, multiply that cost by three months plus a deposit. I wrote more about this process here.

    Lastly, Don’t forget to save for your one-way ticket to China and the hotel when you arrive. You will need a hotel until you find your apartment so I suggest a week at minimum stay but if your employer has housing for you then don’t have to worry about this step.

    What To Look For When Searching For An ESL Position.

    When looking for an ESL position in China, please consider these aspects. Location, cost of living, salary, and in-country assistants.

    teach english in china requirements

    For me, Location was/is extremely important. Location as in the city, province, neighborhood, and how far of a commute I would have to take to work.

    China is massive and some areas are more developed than others.

    It is very possible to find an excellent job but your placement is in rural China ( unless that’s what you want ) or you can choose the city but receive horrible work benefits. You have to be clear and assertive about your wants. This is the key to having a good experience in China.

    For example, After I decided on teaching in China, I narrowed my search down to the city. I was deciding between Shanghai or Suzhou. After explaining to the recruiter, I am only interested in these locations she sent my application to those areas. Well, I was contacted by a training center in Suzhou who only had availability in Hangzhou. I research Hangzhou and actually preferred it more than both Suzhou and Shanghai. I talk a little bit more about Hangzhou here.

    It is best to learn about your area, such as the climate, foreign community, things to do, and how international it is or isn’t. That’s why you should have a good idea about what your future location will be like, before going to live there.

    Cost Of Living In China

    This is a big one that most people don’t take into consideration.

    China is inexpensive compared to the U.S.A but you have to remember you are being paid in yuan/RMB. So there are different cities in China you can get more bang for your buck.

    Shanghai and Beijing are expensive cities, with the apartments being in the high range with less space. Compared to Hangzhou you can get a 2000-4000rmb apartment that’s spacious but in Shanghai, you may only receive a room and would need roommates.

    Below, is a review of my partner and I apartment in Hangzhou for only 4,000 RMB. Prior to moving to China, I wrote down what I was looking for in a space and this exceeded my standards. The only con was, I was a 45-minute train ride away from my School.

    Teaching In China Salary

    Now, your salary is extremely important.

    You have to decide what is most important to you. Why are you coming to China? Are you coming to help pay off student loans and save? Are you here just for the experience?

    If you are here to save and pay off debt then do not settle for anything under 12k RMB plus a 2,000 RMB housing stipend. Ideally, you want to strive for 15k+ housing as a new teacher. If you are experienced then of course way more.

    My first job in Hangzhou, I was low balled and only made 12,000 RMB with housing included. So my profit was only 10,000 RMB. This was still fine and way more than what my Chinese co-teachers were receiving but after speaking with other foreigners who were making 19k plus housing, I realized I was getting the short end of the stick.

    Get as much as you can and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

    I know it uncommon in American culture but this is a different place and it is acceptable. These training centers and schools to the core, are just businesses. They are truly looking out for the best interest in their business, and if they can save they will.

    If a recruiter is saying your salary expectation is too much money then move along, there are other schools in China. If you are truly interested in that one specific position then make it work for YOU, by negotiating.

    Only do things in your best interest when working in China.

    Honestly, You’re the product. They can not run their business without your English skills, so please keep that in mind.

    Teaching In China In-Country Assistants

    teach english in china requirements
    My partner and I suitcases when we first arrived in Hangzhou. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Hangzhou

    You are traveling to a new land that is different from your home country.

    You will need assistance, especially if you do not know Chinese/Mandarin. Make sure you are receiving visa help, that your future school/training center agrees to pick you up from the airport, you will have assistance finding an apartment, setting up a bank account, basically acclamation to the country.

    Different ESL Teaching Positions In China

    There are different teaching ESL positions you can do in China.

    I won’t make this post longer than it already is, I created a different post detailing each one. You can find it here but I briefly listed them below.

    1. Kindergarten Teacher
    2. Training center
    3. College professor
    4. Certified teacher at international school
    5. Public or primary teacher
    6. Adults

    Each position has its pros and cons. They are all teaching conversational English but the difference is in grade level, class size, benefits, time off, salary, hours of operation, and other key things makes each position.

    I chose to teach at a Kindergarten for the small class size and the ability to have quality time to get to know each student personally.

    There’s more personal involvement in a kindergarten. I didn’t like the morning hours but everything else was fine and I was happy with it. So, that just something to consider when applying for job positions.

    Related TopicsTeach English In China Salary

    The Requirements To Teach English in China in 2021

    So, now that you know the Official and Unofficial requirements, and know what to look for when considering a job post, you can begin your search!

    There’s a ton of websites where you can find amazing teaching jobs in china.

    I have created a shortlist of my top favorite websites to use when looking for a teaching position. Feel free to grab it here.

    Pin For Later:

    teach english in china requirements
  • personal growth

    How To raise Your vibration

    rasing your vibrations is important to manifesting any of your desires . when tyou are in a good mood

    1. Eat a healthy snack

    2. aromatherapy

    3. journal

    4. Positive thinking

    5. watch something funny

    6. make a smoothie

    7. Drink water

    8. Meditate

    9. Compliment yourself

    10. Create ART

    11. yoga

    12. say your favorite affirmation

    13. Listen to Motivational video