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    How to Teach English Online with Engoo

    Teach English online with Engoo

    I heard about Engoo through these online teaching groups via Facebook. This Facebook group is a really good resource to find a lot of other ESL Teaching Online Positions. It’s also a really good resource for non-native speakers to find employment as well.

    What is Engoo?

    Engoo, formerly called Bibo International, is an online tutoring company based in Japan. Their student based is Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean. Engoo accepts native and non-native teachers to teach English to their students. They offer 24/7 tutoring service, which allows teachers to create a flexible schedule. The pay ranges they offer are from $2-$5 USD per class. Each class is 25 minutes long. Native English Speakers make $5 per class. So, in all, If you book two classes per hour, the pay is $10 an hour for native English speakers. No prior experience is required.

    Engoo’s instructors explain exactly how they would like their classes to flow. You can find an outline of it here. When conducting class the students can choose between material (usually news articles) or free talk. You have the option to chose between Payoneer or Paypal and will receive the payment once a month on the 20th of each month. The classes are mainly one-on-one

    How To Pass Engoo Demo/ Interview Process As A Native English Speaker?

    Engoo conducts its training, demo, and interview at the same time. It is between 1-3 hours long. Don’t worry, the time goes by fast and the interview is pretty straightforward. First is a brief overview of the company, training, then a demo/interview.

    During this time, please pay attention to what the instructor says because she will explain the flow of the class and this is key to passing the demo. If you can do exactly what the instructor is saying and have a neutral accent you will pass. Also, click here to read how Engoo wants the class to flow. If you do this, you will pass.

    Below, I will explain the process it will take to become a teacher to teach online with Engoo. The process takes between 1-3 hours.

    – The process starts with attendance, make sure in the Zoom call you write your name in the chatbox to allow the recruit to know you are here.

    -Next, The Instructor will provide training on exactly what they want to see and expect each tutor to do in future classes. This part is very important so please write down what they mention and do it in the demo.

    After training, they will assign a time for you to take your demo/interview. So, In my experience, after the training, they will send you a message through chat with the time of your demo class that will be conducted on the Engoo site. My demo was scheduled for 10:20 am, it was a 15-minute demo class, then immediately after you find out your results. I had roughly 35 minutes before my demo/interview time to prepare. Do not exit the zoom call, just open another tab and familiarize yourself with the lesson flow and platform.

    -Finally, Once your demo is over, you will get an alert in the chat stating if you pass or not. Once you pass, Engoo’s recruitment team will send you a contract to sign. You can leave the zoom call and begin the onboarding process.

    Congrats on starting your teaching online Journey!

    Once Engoo receives your documents, your account will be activated and you can begin teaching. Here is a Facebook group where other Engoo teachers hang out at

    Quick Recap & Tips To Pass Engoo Demo

    Here are a few more tips to help you pass your demo:

    • Read this article and do exactly what it says.
    • Make sure you use the chatbox, at least one time.
    • Make sure you end the class at exactly 25 min.
    • Make sure you are pacing yourself well so you do not go over 25 min.
    • Finish the lesson.

    I have attached my feedback from my demo class so you can see what the recruiter said about my demo.

    Well, that’s it! I hope this has helped you and if it did please use my referral code. Once you pass and register, there will be a box to enter Tutor’s ID please enter mine, u4460.

    Good Luck and Happy Teaching,

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    Journal and Keep track with this awesome Notebook

    teach with engoo
    personal growth

    17 Wildly Unique Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

    Learn, 17 Wildly Unique Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

    We often focus on others, our friends, family, partner, and celebrities, but we forget to focus on ourselves. Sometimes we spend time knowing another person’s wants, needs, likes, dislikes, wishes, but are unsure of our own.

    So, who are you? Who are you outside of your friends, family, and your job? What are your quirks, what do you like or dislike, what is your personal mission statement. When you’re all alone without outside influence what do you enjoy doing?

    Yes, We are hoping right to it. I created a list of questions to ask your self. These questions are great for journaling or just a candid conversation with yourself.

    Journal Prompts: Questions to Ask Yourself

    Its time to get to know yourself more, so here it is,

    1.Who Am I?

    Take a moment to truly sit with this question. Inhale and exhale, then ask yourself the question again. Write down whatever comes first to your mind.

    2. What Is My Favorite Food?

    What is your favorite dish? and asks yourself why? Is it because of the taste, the color, or do you enjoy making it? Is it a traditional meal? How does this cuisine make you feel?

    3. What Do I Like To Do?

    Think of a day where you have zero obligation and can literally do any and everything you want. What would you like to do? Would you spend time on Netflix, Youtube, Playing soccer, creating art, or making music? Write it down.

    4. Do I Love Myself?

    Did you have to think about this? Was there a hesitation? If so, take a quiet moment and think why. Ask yourself a follow-up question “What do I love about myself”. Really dive deep with this prompt.

    15. What Color Relaxes Me The Most?

    Colors sometimes have a direct effect on our emotions. For example, the color red and yellow is often used to incite hunger, Which is why fast food places often use these to colors. So, if these two colors can cause hunger. What colors when you look upon it causes you to instantly relax? For me, when I see the color Sage I immediately associate it with calmness and peace. It brings me instant relaxation. So, What color is that for you?

    6. Where Do I See Myself In 2 Years?

    What does the best version of your life look like? Where do you live? What are you doing? Envision how your life will look like as specifically as possible.

    7. What Am I Proud of?

    It’s ok to pat yourself on the back. It’s also OK to feel proud of any and all of your accomplishments. List them out! List the things you are proud of and congratulate yourself.

    8. Who’s The Most Important Person In My Life?

    Knowing who your “person” is, your day one, the people who have your back, your tribe is vital. Community is everything. Most people constantly talk about self-care but forget to mention there’s actually 6 different forms of self-care and they are all equally important. Social self-care is one of the forms of self-care, which is spending time with your loved one the people you vibe with. So, who is the most important person/people in your life?

    9. What’s my Secret Talent?

    Everyone has a talent. What’s something that sets you apart from others.

    10.What’s My Biggest Secret?

    What’s a secret that you never shared with anyone and I mean not a single soul. Is it a funny, deep dark secret, scary, or happy? Write it down.

    11. Who Do I Talk To The Most?

    Who is your go-to person? And Why? How does that person make you feel? What do you like about them? Do you know them as much as they know you? What subject do you talk to them the most about?

    12. What Are My Hobbies?

    Hobbies are great for relaxation and creativity. List out your hobbies and try to get to the root of why you like doing them. It will help uncover more of yourself.

    13. What Are Some Things I Don’t Like?

    Learning yourself is great. Learn what you like but don’t neglect to learn what you don’t like. Creating this balance will give you a better understanding of yourself so you’ll be able to stand firm with any decision.

    14. What Are My Core Values?

    Core values are values that create the foundation of who you are. These values determine our behavior, perception of self, and others. It’s our compass on how we will navigate the world. A few of my core values are, treat others with respect, treat myself with respect, don’t take anything personally, and more. There is a really good book called The Four Agreements that has changed my life with these teachings.

    15. How Would I Describe Myself?

    Think about who you are in this present moment and you are meeting a stranger for the first time. What is a one-minute elevator pitch about yourself would you tell this person. Think of the key things you would want them to know about you.

    16. What Version Of Yourself Do You Present To Your Friends/Family?

    This is a good question because it holds us accountable. We may think we are one way but in reality, people perceive us in many different ways. You may show different sides of yourself to different people and those friends may have only perceived you from their understanding of what you allow them to know. So think, how do my friends see me than furthermore think about how do I want them to see me.

    17. What’s My Favorite Animal?

    Are you a dog person or perhaps cats? Do you love wolves or more into marine life, like Dolphins or Whales? I read a really interesting article on BuzzFeed about what your favorite animal says about you. It’s a fun little quiz to check out. I do think your favorite animals are a great way to reveal more about yourself, look up that animal and its characteristic see if you identify with any.

    17 Wildly Unique Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

    Take Away-17 Wildly Unique Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

    Knowing yourself is the best way to self-discovery and self-love. Only you know who you are and you’re forever changing and growing. This is the best form of a relationship one can have. This knowledge of self will turn into assurance and confidence that no one can take away from you. So spend time with yourself and enjoy it!

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    11 Self-Care Ideas You Can Start Now

    What is Self-Care?

    Self Care is the activities we do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical self. Self-care leads to self-love. We often find ourselves giving giving giving without anything return and often feels depleted. When you take time out of the day to do something solely for yourself, you are nurturing your soul.

    Self-care is simply doing things you love that make you feel happy and relax. You are always in charge of your own happiness no one can take your happiness away.

    I created a list of self-care ideas you can incorporate into your morning/ nightly routine.

    Here is a list of 11 Self-Care Ideas You Can Start Now

    1. Journal

    Journaling is a great habit to start. Sometimes we store a lot of stress, anxiety, and just the world’s energy inside of us. Journaling helps by writing it out. Write out how you are feeling, write about what you love, write whatever is on your mind. I write in my journal to express gratitude. Expressing gratitude for what you have is a great way to appreciate your life and others around you. When you are grateful and in a receptive mode you are able to manifest more opportunity and abundance in your life.

    Etsy Shop: Your section ID is invalid.

    2. Yoga

    Yoga is amazing and it is the practice of breath. Yoga incorporates breathing, spirituality, and mediation. It allows you to focus on the now, the present moment. In yoga, you are focused on your breath and the Sanskrit movements. There’s a lot of yoga teachers on youtube but my favorite is, Arianna Elizabeth. She has a variety of different yoga videos and challenges for all yoga levels.

    How To Form A Habit With 21/90 Rule

    3. Spend Time In Nature

    The good outdoors is the best healing. The sounds of nature naturally improve your mood. I enjoy going to my favorite park and find an isolated place to journal or create art. Hearing the birds chirping, the wind blowing, and seeing the clouds move always elevate my mood.

    4. Create A Playlist

    Music is powerful it has the ability to change our emotions from happiness to rage, and sadness. Create a self-care playlist with feel-good music. Music that snaps you into a better mood with positive vibes. Listen to this playlist when you are feeling down or need a break from life

    Etsy Shop: Your section ID is invalid.

    5.Take A Herbal Bath

    My favorite self-care activity is taking a herbal bath. A herbal bath is a hot bath filled with your favorite herb or flower, your favorite scent, and Epsom salt. There’s a lot of herbal bath salt products but I have actually created my own. Inside my DIY herbal bath salt is Epsom salt for muscle relaxation, lavender oil, lavender buds, and Himalayan salt for body detox. After soaking in the bath, use exfoliating gloves. You will feel amazing after and sooo sooo soft.

    6. Art Therapy

    Gives yourself a therapeutic art session. Do a craft , paint a picture, sculpt an object just release into your creativity. Color, coloring is a calming activity. There’s a lot of color books created for adults. My favorite thing is to go on Pinterest and find a guide to a picture I would like to paint and follow along.

    7.Do Something Nice For Yourself

    What brings you the most joy? Whatever it is, do it! If its a product, buy it. Don’t deprive yourself, its good to treat yourself .Take yourself to the movies, buy that dress, buy that chocolate cake you love, go to the spa, whatever it may be do it.

    8. Buy Yourself Flowers

    What’s your favorite flower? Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers. If you want people to treat you right then the best way is to show them. ALWAYS put yourself first and do things that make you happy. In return, you will give off that aura and those around you subconsciously will learn how to treat you. Always, Treat yourself with love respect, and gratitude.

    9. Take A Nap

    Naps are not a waste of time. Take a break relax your mind and dream. Naps are refreshing. Naps bring clarity. After a great cat nap you will feel better and more relax. This is the energy that is needed to accomplish any goal you may have. It’s better to work on a task feeling refresh than working while feeling drained

    10.Give Yourself A Facial

    Make this a DIY or buy your favorite facial. I have a few favorites such as Avocado Honey and Julep mask. These mask makes my skin look and feels fresh and glowing. After I do a facial I use a rolling blade for a massage.

    11.Mirror Work

    Look at yourself, examine your face, your body, and thank yourself. Give yourself a compliment. Have a good honest conversion with yourself for at least 5-10 minutes.

    So there it is, the 11 Self-Care Ideas You Can Start Now. Hope this helps.

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    How To Meditate As A Beginners

    How to meditate as a beginner?

    How to meditate as a beginner? Simply, just start. Start now. The goal for mediation is for mindfulness. Sit down and breathe for a designated time, let go of all worries and concerns, and just BREATHE. A tip I have is to use guided mediation to begin your practice.

    I know as a beginner that is hard to hear but don’t blow it off, mediation is breathing and being in the present moment. It’s mindfulness which is being aware of your consciousness. We are constantly on autopilot just doing things without being present Have you ever left your job and then realize you were 1 min away from your house but don’t remember the drive? That drive home has now become a routine. I bet if you close your eyes and drive to work with your mind’s eye you are able to do so. Your brain knows how to do it, so it no longer needs to focus on the drive, which sometimes causes you to drive home on autopilot. This applies to a lot of things we do throughout our life. We aren’t as focus on things as we should be because it has turned into a routine. Well, meditation allows us to be more aware of ourselves, aware of ourselves inwardly and outwardly. Aware of the present moment.

    How To Meditate As A  Beginners

    What is Guided Meditation?

    Guided mediation, is a teacher or another person guiding you through your mediation via audio. In life when starting anything new it is best to have a teacher to help you until you are able to do it on your own. A guided mediation basically helps you focus on meditating. Sometimes our minds wander during mediation, through the practice that’s a skill you will improve on, but in the beginning, it may be a little difficult. Guided Meditation helps you stay focus.

    Here are a few guided mediation apps for beginners :


    Calm was voted Apple’s APP of the year in 2017, Google editor’s choice in 2018, World’s Happiest APP, and has over 700,000 downloads with 5 stars. They have great features for sleep, focus, and anxiety. Also, a new feature called sleep stories, bedtime stories for adults.


    The story of headspace is pretty cool. Andy Puddicombe, the founder, quit his second semester of college to become a monk. He traveled for 10 years across the world and return back to the UK with the intention to spread mediation and mindfulness to the world. Headspace offers guided mediation, animated stories, articles, and videos.


    We all have attended Youtube University before right? Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine with a lot of information to use in your daily life. There’s Guided meditation from many different creators from different backgrounds are available on the platform ..for free! Just search “guided mediation” and pick which every video you feel the most attracted too.

    Insight Timer

    Insight timer gives you a lot of free options. They have this really cool feature where you can pick a mediation and see how many people are currently mediating to it at the same time you are. They have 40,000 free meditations and music tracks, courses, and stats for tracking your progression. My favorite feature is the milestone tracker. With the milestone tracker their two categories consecutive and minutes. The Consecutive category tracks how many consecutive days you’ve mediated. Minute category track how much time you have spent meditating on the app.

    My favorite out of all would be Insight Timer, you get a lot of options for the free version and I really love that you can see how many people are using the App when you are. Some are mediating ,some are listing to a podcast, and some are entering a course to better themselves. It’s really beautiful.

    That’s it ! How to meditate as a beginner

    LOVE THIS? Pin it for later

    How To Meditate As A  Beginners

    Before You Go :

    Check this out

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    The 21/90 Rule: How To Form a Habit with the 21/90 Rule

    Create the Life you want with 21/90 rule

    How To Form A Habit With 21/90 Rule

    The 21/90 rule is a rule that states that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form or break a habit and an additional 90 days to make it a permanent change in your life.

    Do you have a habit you would like to fuse into your life? Creating a habit can seem hard but just stick with it for a minimum of 21 days of pure consistency and momentum and in no time you will have to develop a new habit into your lifestyle.

    I often use the 21/90 rule in my life when I want to improve myself. I have received using the 21/90 rule for my journey in Yoga. It has been a challenge at first but after a while, I have developed a system that has taken the edge off and helped me build a habit faster while having fun

    If you are ready to make some positive changes in your life than Here are some tips to help build any habit in no time

    How to Create lasting habits with the 21/90 Day rule.

    1.Set Your goal

    What is the habit you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve it? How will it benefit you in your new life? Ask yourself these questions. Make sure you write you write it down. The best way to achieve a goal is to give 100 percent so do one habit at a time.

    2.Habit tracker /Timer

    This has been the most helpful tool for me to use. A habit tracker is a tool you use to measure whether or not you did your habit. So for me, my goal was to do 7 days of yoga for 20 minutes. I would create circles on my calendar for each day of the week and when I completed 20 mins of yoga that day, I would fill in the circle. The circle was a representation of completing my goal. Kind of like a reward system.

    Tracking your habits helps show your consistency in your new goal and added motivations. I create a Habit Tracker free to download and use here.

    3.Habit Stacking

    Instead of pressuring yourself to create a brand new routine in your life, instead, attach a new habit to an already existing routine. Before I began my new yoga routine, I created a morning routine of journaling one full page. So to make things easier for myself, I would journal a full page and do 20 mins of yoga immediately after. This took the pressure off trying to find time in my day to incorporate a new habit. Just add a new habit to an existing one.

    How To Form A Habit With 21/90 Rule
    How To Form A Habit With 21/90 Rule

    4. Mindset

    Have you ever heard of the Law of Cause and Effect? If not, the Law states what you put out is what you get. An effect can not happen if there isn’t a cause. So, if you keep that in mind, that in order for you to form a new habit you have to show up and put in the effort. Having a good mindset is the ultimate key to unlocking anything in your life. The hardest part of any new journey is starting. If you are reading this then you are halfway there.


    Commit to yourself, know your why, and do it. For a new habit to form it needs a minimum of 21 days of consistency and so forth. It’s ok to take a break but do not give up. Forgive yourself and continue the process. Soon enough you will have accomplished your goal.

    Free resources

    21/90 rule is perfect for any new habit you would like to form. I’ve used this in my life for fitness and have discovered a new love for yoga. Here’s a free Habit tracker to keep you on track.

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    The 8 Best Things to do in Hangzhou China

    Hangzhou, China was my home for close to a year. I taught English as a second language at a  kindergarten and absolutely loved it. There’s a saying in China that goes “ If Heaven has paradise, the Earth has Suzhou and Hangzhou”. My school was a 15 min walk to the biggest attractions in Hangzhou. So I spent a lot of time in these locations.

    So here it is!

    Top 8 Things To Do In Hangzhou

    Top 8 Things To Do In Hangzhou
    1. Go To West Lake 

    Bring your camera because this is absolutely beautiful. Do not leave Hangzhou without visiting West Lake. West Lake is named a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. There are several ways to get here, I personally lived here, so I would take the train and get off at Ding’an Road Station exit C then take an additional 15 min walk there. You can get off at Longxiangqiao Station Exit C. Longxiangqiao is also connected to a HUGE shopping mall. Also, you can take the bus, but  I wouldn’t recommend this if your Chinese isn’t strong. Taking a Didi ( Chinese Uber)  would be the fastest way but not the cheapest.

    I would recommend taking the train to Ding’an( if you like to walk ) or Longxiangqiao( easiest shortest option) Station. You can enter west lake into the GPS to begin walking towards the lake. For an even more accurate location enter Starbucks West Lake location which is :

    147 Nanshan Rd, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

    Yes, Starbucks is there and you should try it. This Starbucks is huge and has a patio area for you to get your drinks and sit near the lake. West Lake offers a lot of tours so you can pay for a boat tour across the lake or take a minibus ride along the lake or simply just walk .. that one is free.

    There’s also a lot of restaurants.

    #Traveltip Didi drivers prefer not to use cash, so try to have exact change or use Alipay tourist pass.

    #Traveltip if you are taking the train you need a metro/train card. You will see a Ticket Machine that’s where you will get your metro card, Pick your station you like to arrive in, pay the fare fee, and when on the train listen for your stop.

    Qinghefang Ancient Street

    2. Qinghefang Ancient Street

    I accidentally discovered this while on my lunch break while Teaching. As a teacher, I had a 2-hour break while the kids napped so I would explore the area I was in which was Ding’an Road Station. There’s a lot to do at Qinghefang Ancient Street, food, Tea, souvenirs, silk, Chinese traditional Medicine, and Restaurants.

    So, to get to  Qinghefang Ancient Street you would take Metro Line 1 and get off at  Ding’an Road exit C. As soon as you are out of the train station and off both sets of the elevators take a left and walk straight for 15 minutes, you will run into Qinghefang Ancient Street which will be on your left.

    Longjing Tea Village

    3.Longjing Tea Village

    Hangzhou is famous for its Longjing Tea. This tea comes from Longjing Tea Village. Spend the day or half the day here. The best way to get to the village is to start from West Lake area and take a Bus. The village is surrounded by Green Terrance. The village is far from the city and is peaceful and quiet.  Bring your sneakers because you will be doing a lot of walking and sightseeing.

     4. Nightlife Go to Clubs and Bars 

    Chinese clubs are a lot of fun. Now, this all depends on who you are with, when you are going, and if it is a popular night. My first time out was the best time ever! It was because of the friendships I’ve built and I had an open mind.

    So while you’re staying in Hangzhou visit these clubs.

    #TravelTips  Sometimes as a foreigner the owner or other people may offer you free drinks

    Here are the clubs to visit  while in Hangzhou :


    SOS is amazing, Its like a huge EDM club with a mosh pit and huge Tank filled with Baby Sharks … yes, SHARKS. They have a variety of DJs for different nights.I would make this your last stop on your night out or come late. It’s fun when it jam-pack.


    Basement is a chill spot it can be your first stop, think of it as the pregame spot. They often have a drink special and plays a variety of music but primarily hip hop.


    Wade’s is a foreign bar. So all of the foreigners living and working in Hangzhou come here to socialize. They have really good western food here. It’s a bar/restaurant so some nights are hit or miss but if you arrive early they usually have a special for drinks like buy one get one free

    5. Try Hot Pot 

    Can’t visit Hangzhou without trying Hot Pots

    I personally am not a fan of Hot Pot unless I make it myself. There’s a lot of foreign Ingredients I personally do not like,  so I only go to the create your own Hot Pot. There are hot pot restaurants that you can make your own. I had a really good one right below my apartment. Also create your own  Hot Pot was my first dish when I arrived in China.  At a create your own Hot Pot, there are different ingredients and you chose what you want in your hot pot which is like a soup and then they weigh it and they make it for you

    6. Take A Day Trip To Wuzhen 

    Depending on how long you are staying in Hangzhou, take a 2-hour bus trip to Wuzhen to get the most out of your trip.Wuzhen is known as a water town and it is beautiful. Once leaving modern Hangzhou and arriving in Wuzhen you will feel like you are in ancient China. There are also a few attractions in Wuzhen where you can take a boat ride, visit museums, and attend Shadow plays. Shadow Plays is an ancient art of storytelling that is a form of entertainment created by displaying the shadow of handmade characters onto a screen along with Traditional Chinese musical instruments.

    How to Get to Wuzhen Water Town from Hangzhou

    1. Take a bus from Hangzhou Passenger Transport Central Station (Jiubao Passenger Transport Center). The bus departs about every 25 minutes from 7:00 to 18:20, with a fare of CNY 31.

    2. Take a train from Hangzhou Railway Station or Hangzhou East Railway Station to Tongxiang Railway Station. Then change to local city bus K282 going to the site.

    3. Travel by bus from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The bus departs at 9:10, 10:00, 10:40, 11:10, 12:10, 13:00, 13:50, 14:40, 15:20, 16:10, 17:00, 18:00, 18:40, 19:10, 20:10 and 21:10. Ticket fare is CNY 42 and the duration is about 110 minutes. Upon arrival, take a local city bus to reach the scenic site.

    7. Take a Day Trip to Shanghai 

     Shanghai is a one-hour fast train away. If you are familiar with Hangzhou train station then taking a quick trip to Shanghai is the must. Go to the Hangzhou Railway Station, purchase your ticket, and walk to the gate. There will be employees that can help some may or may not speak English but just use your google translate when needed.

    Make sure you visit The Bund and try to stay in Shanghai until night to see The Bund light up. The light show is really cool but be mindful of your departure time.

    8. Go To Cirque Du Soleil 

    Cirque de Soleil is a famous french circus that travels around the world. They recently open a based location in Hangzhou that performs year-round. Usually, Cirque Du Soleil comes to different cities and performs for a few weeks then leave but this one is located in Hangzhou year-round. The show is fantastic it so well thought out. The performance is called The Land of Fantasy Cirque du Soleil describes it as “an epic and thrilling quest to reunite two ancient kingdoms, Petra and Aria, torn apart centuries ago. Harmony disrupted by a broken seal depicting a ‘yin-yang’ crest of a Dragon and Phoenix. The captivating legend is guided by The Watcher, a wise elder whose mechanical box unleashes the story. One that begins with two innocent infants, each left on the doorstep of the opposing kingdom’s palace. They both grow to emerge as the hero and heroine who challenge dangers and fight seemingly invincible forces, in the name of good for all.”

    This is a must as well I really enjoy this performance I have been to other Cirque du Soleil shows and to me this is the best one.

    That’s it! The 8 Best Things to do in Hangzhou China. Hangzhou is a beautiful place its the perfect combination of city and nature and I truly enjoy my time here. I hope this list helps you with your travel.

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    The Ultimate 4 Day Arizona Road Trip Guide

    How To Make The Most of a Weekend Trip in Arizona While on a Budget

    I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Arizona which turned into a random spontaneous road trip. The only thing on my itinerary was to visit Sedona and then come back to Phoenix to catch our flight. After realizing how beautiful AZ is, I rearrange my itinerary and turned my trip into a road trip. The first step is to fly into Phoenix then drive to Sedona, next drive to Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend( must see), Finally drive back to Phoenix. So, here it is, The Ultimate Arizona Travel Guide for those who want to optimize there trip while on a budget.  

    What To Pack:

    Alongside what you would normally pack for a 4-day trip, make sure to bring the items below

    Where To Stay:

    For this Guide, we will be staying at two different hotels. One in Sedona and the other near the Grand Canyon. Sedona is a small beautiful magic town with stunning views. Where ever you stay in Sedona you will have an amazing view. For both Sedona and Grand Canyon, we stayed at The Best Western Plus. You can also choose to stay at an Air Bnb.

    • Sedona: Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas
    • Air Bnb ( Get $20 OFF first stay)
    • Grand Canyon: Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn
    #Traveltip Ask the hotel in advance for a room with a great view
    Car Rental :

    We used Turo which is basically like the Airbnb version but for cars. People rent their cars out to other people. Think about how on Airbnb you rent a room or house out to during your vacation, its exactly the same but you are renting a car for your vacation. On Turo, there’s a lot of different cars to choose from. The owner of the car chooses the daily rate. Learn more about Turo here. For our trip, we chose a Black Mustang because it was the most convenient. The owners had the car already park at the airport car rental lot, so all we had to do was take a free shuttle from the airport to the parking lot and pick up the keys. 


    4 Days in Arizona Overview

    • Day 1: Drive from Phoenix to Sedona
    • Day 2: Sedona to Grand Canyon to Horse Shoe bend
    • Day 3: Grand Canyon to Phoenix

    4 Days in Arizona Itinerary: Day 1

    How To Get To Sedona :

    Sedona is about two hours away from Phoenix. So wherever you are traveling from, fly into PHX and rent a car for the drive to Sedona.

    If you decide to use Turo just message the owner and they will give you directions on how to access their car. The drive to Sedona is beautiful, so don’t worry about the drive it will go by fast.

    #traveltip: Try to find a owner whos car is park at the airport so you can use the free airport shuttle


    Arrive In Sedona and Check-In To Your Hotel.

    We stayed at the Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas which is a huge hotel. The receptionist provided us with the best room. Our hotel room was towards the back of the hotel which gave us our own patio. The best part is the patio was facing the canyons so we were able to observe the vast beauty of Sedona from our hotel room.

    Activity: Hike Cathedral Rock

    Sedona is a small town so everything is close by. If you are staying at Best Western then the canyons are right outside or you can take a short drive to Cathedral Rock and take a hike. There a lot of trails so bring water and your camera. Enjoy the moment.

    There a lot more to do but we spent all of our time hiking, taking drone shots, and enjoying Sedona beauty.

    #traveltip Please stay until sunset, it’s magical.

    4 Days in Arizona Itinerary: Day 2

    Today will be a full day, so wake up early to optimize the day.

    This Best Western offers a free breakfast buffet

    -Activity 1: EXPLORE THE TOWN

    Leave your hotel and walk around. There are tons of crystal shops, aura reading, souvenir shops, psychics, smoothie, food, and more. While I was there I had a psychic reading, a REALLY good green smoothie, and brought a beautiful master clear crystal quartz.

    Amitabha Stupa Peace Park Buddhist temple

    Activity 2: Drive to Amitabha Stupa Peace Park Buddhist temple

    You are going to want to spend time here. Now, this place is magical. The infamous energy vortex are here. You may or may not feel it but please come here with an open mind. It’s also a great please for self-reflection.

    Activity 3: Time to leave Sedona and Head to the Grand Canyon

    #TravelTip Grand Canyon is another 2 hours away, so leave at a good time if you want to visit the Grand Canyon during the day.

    Again, the drive to The Grand Canyon is beautiful, put on some music, and enjoy the scenery.

    We stayed at the Best Western hotel near the Grand Canyon

    This hotel was beautiful as well, it had a pizza shop, bar, and arcade in it!

    4 Days in Arizona Itinerary: Day 3

    Another a full day head ! so get ready.

    Start your day off with breakfast. This Best Western charges a fee for their breakfast buffet.

    Activity 1:GRAND CANYON

    Take a scenic drive through the grand canyon and stop at the observatory places

    Activity 2: Drive to Horseshoe Bend

     Horsebend is a must-see! Do not leave Arizona without going to Horseshoe Bend.

    Horseshoe Bend
    photo courtesy of Auston Robinson

    How to find Horseshoe Bend: Put Horseshoe Bend Page, AZ into GPS.

    Look for a sign that says Horseshoe Bend Overlook, you will find a parking lot. Parking at HorseshoeBend is about $10. There will be a shuttle bus that runs every 20 mins that will come and pick people up and take them the Horseshoe Bend. From there, there’s another 15-20 min walk to the actual location. Arizona is hot! So be mindful of when you are going and what time of day it is. We went during the evening time, so we had to drive back to Grand Canyon at night.

    #traveltip BE CAREFUL at the time of visiting Horseshoe bend there weren’t any railing alongside the cliff. It can be really windy and people have fallen off the cliff from taken selfie

    4 Days in Arizona Itinerary: Day 4

    Check out and return to Phoenix

     This is a 4-hour drive back to Phoenix. Depending on your flight leave at the time that’s right for you, we ate breakfast and check out but left early because its ARIZONA.  We knew we would make multiple stops on our way to the airport.

    Activity 1: Catch your  flight

    I hope this was the Ultimate 4 Day Arizona Road Travel Guide for you and if you follow it please let me know. I would love to hear about your adventure.

  • Remote Income

    The 8 Most Popular Work-from-Home Job Titles

    Remote work is becoming increasingly popular.

    Working remotely provides a great work-life balance. This is perfect for moms, college students,  people without transportation, or those who would prefer a more location independent lifestyle.

    The term, Remote Work simply means any work where you aren’t required to commute to an office building.

    Remote work is a great fit for people who are wanting to have a location independent lifestyle. This market allows them to live the life they want. Imagine living in your RV and traveling through the U.S while still being able to work your job. All of this is possible because your job allows you to work anywhere in the world as long as you have a WIFI connection.

    I create a list of common remote work job titles to understand the different fields you can start with. Also, a list of where you can find remote work.

    8 Most Popular Work-from-Home Job Titles

    So here it is a list to find work from home/remote work that covers many industries. This list may offer you new ideas for remote-friendly careers

    1.Data Entry

    Data entry is the process of entering information into the computer. It is a job where an employee inputs information from forms to a database. This is great for those who are fast typers.

    2. Medical Coder

    Medical coders review patients’ files and translate information from the file. The coders are translating codes that doctors write to diagnose the patients. The translation is then sent to the insurance company that will process it and bills their clients. This is perfect for those who have medical experience.

    3.Online Tutor

    Teach or tutor online. You can teach English,Math, Science, etc whatever you are good at you can teach this as a tutor.

    4. Teach English As A Second Language

    Teaching English as a second language is a common and flexible job any native English speaker can do. Your job is to teach children or adults the English language. This is perfect for this who want to create your own schedule.

    5. Virtual Assistant

    A virtual assistant is a person who assists another person virtually with any task or specific task that needs to be done. You can be a virtual assistant to any business owner or corporation. Or you can branch out and freelance by creating your own virtual assistant company. Tasks can be social media management, data entry, answering emails, and scheduling appointment.

    6. Software Development

    Software development is a great option for a remote job. Software development is a broad umbrella of many different fields you can do in computer science. You can be a Java Specialist, UI /UX designer, Front and Backend developer, and more. This career field provides a lot of options for working remotely  

    7.Sales Representative

    Sales Representative sells retail products, goods, and services to customers. Sales representatives work with customers to find what they want, by creating solutions.

    8. Customer Service Agent for Virtual Call Center

    A customer service agent for a virtual call center are individuals who work as an independent contractor providing customer service via telephone, chat, customer service, or tech support services from their own home offices

    Remote Work Job Boards

    Finding work from home or remote can be difficult but these websites make it easier. Here’s a great list of websites that curate and post remote jobs.

    Flex Jobs

    FlexJobs has hand-screened jobs. Find legit remote work from home & flexible jobs today. Search jobs better & apply faster with our dashboard. Signup as low as 50% off. Code: JOBS. 50+ Job Categories. Part & Full Time. BBB A+ Rated. Freelance & Contract.

    WAH Queen

    Legitimate Work at Home Jobs | Daily Leads. Legitimate work at home jobs that can be done from the comfort of your own home. SCAM FREE

    Rat Race Rebellion

    Since 1999, we’ve been leading the work-from-home revolution. Our founders designed the first virtual careers

    OET Job

    Find Your Remote Jobs, Online English Teaching Jobs, and Teach Abroad Journey Here.

    That’s it! The 8 Most Popular Work-from-Home Job Titles, I hope this list has provided more insight.

  • personal growth

    Top 5 Best Self-Help Books of All Time

    Finally, It’s here, A List of 5 best self-help books of all time that will change your life.

    Below, I have created a list of the best books on personal success for your growth. Remember, At any point in time, you are capable of changing your life. The books I recommend below are life-changing for me and the people around me. Reading self-help books helps change your perspective and/or paradigm as Bob Proctor calls it. The list of books below is a mixture of finances, spirituality, mindset, and other areas of your life.


    Top 5 Best Self-Help Books

    Best Self-Help Books of All Time
    1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

    The Alchemist is the magical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure as extravagant as any ever found. From his home in Spain, he journeys to the markets of Tangiers and across the Egyptian desert to a fateful encounter with the alchemist.

    This book is an easy ready and full of manifestation, self-discovery trusting your intuition and chasing your dreams.

    2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

    Rich dad poor dad By Robert Kiyosaki Is a story of growing up with two dads — his real father and the father of his best friend, his rich dad — and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing. The book explodes the myth that you need to earn a high income to be rich and explains the difference between working for money and having your money work for you.

    This book has reshaped my paradigm around money. My biggest take away was learning how money can work for you instead of you working for money .

    3.The 7 Habits OF Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey

    One of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has captivated readers for 25 years. It has transformed the lives of presidents and CEOs, educators, and parents—in short, millions of people of all ages and occupations across the world. This twenty-fifth-anniversary edition of Stephen Covey’s cherished classic commemorates his timeless wisdom and encourages us to live a life of great and enduring purpose

    I haven’t read the book yet but I have taken part in an activity that is in the book which has helped me greatly. The activity is called Begin With The End In Mind. This means setting up your relationship or outlook in life with the end in mind, The end meaning your perceived outcome. How do you want your family or friends to perceive you? How do you want the business to succeed? Start with the end in mind so if your family were to go to your funeral what kind of things would you want them to say about you? For example, she/he was a loving and supportive person. If that’s how you want to be perceived then show up as that person now.

    4. 4 Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

    Forget the old concept of retirement and the rest of the deferred-life plan–there is no need to wait and every reason not to, especially in unpredictable economic times. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing high-end world travel, or earning a monthly five-figure income with zero management, The 4-Hour Workweek is the blueprint.

    This step-by-step guide to luxury lifestyle design teaches:
    • How Tim went from $40,000 per year and 80 hours per week to $40,000 per month and 4 hours per week
    • How to outsource your life to overseas virtual assistants for $5 per hour and do whatever you want
    • How blue-chip escape artists travel the world without quitting their jobs
    • How to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours using the principles of a forgotten Italian economist
    • How to trade a long-haul career for short work bursts and frequent “mini-retirements”

    This book will reshape the way you work . We are trained to have a 9-5 job and spend 8 hours doing an unfulfilling task but what if you can optimize your day and shorten it to only 4 hours and have the rest of the day to do as you, please. This book highlights the value of time.

    5.The Secret By Rhonda Byrne

     In this book, you’ll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life—money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. You’ll begin to understand the hidden, untapped power that’s within you, and this revelation can bring joy to every aspect of your life.

    The Secret reveals the secret on how to use The Law of Attraction and create the life you want. I have use elements of the secret to create the life I want such as traveling, moving abroad , and creating this blog

    Top Best Self Help Books of All Time


    • Join our community, sign up Here
    • Create the life you want Shop
    • Remember to create the life you want

  • personal growth

    How To Learn Chinese: 5 tips to learning a new language

    Would you like to learn a new language?

    Are you feeling a bit overwhelm and have no idea where to start? Chinese is known as one of the hardest languages to learn but with these tips, you will learn how to change your mindset and start speaking the language.

    Chinese is spoken by approximately 1.3 billion people natively, that’s roughly 16 percent of the world population.

    Learning a new language can provide you with amazing new opportunities. The value of communication is priceless, so being able to speak another person’s mother tongue and connect with them is such a fulfilling feeling. The world is becoming smaller we are becoming more and more connected through social media.

    As I began learning Chinese, I realized a few things that have helped me along the way and would like to share them with you.

    So, here it is, The Top 5 Tips to learning Chinese or a new language :

    1.Download Learning app:

     We are in a new era, there are apps for everything! Most of them are free for you to use. Download a language app and select the language you would like to learn. For best results use every day at least 10-15 minutes a day. This will help you build a habit of being consistent. There are a few language apps I would recommend one for Chinese and another for any other language.

    Duolingo, Duolingo is a great free app to learn a new language. If you wanting to learn Spanish this app is perfect. You will learn new vocabulary, practicing pronunciation, and quizzes. Also, there’s an option to free talk to test what you have learned. Duolingo also provides Chinese lessons but I have another app that is even better for people seeking to learn Chinese.

    Hello Chinese: Hello Chinese is very similar to Duolingo. The only difference is that it is 100% Chinese. So you will learn vocabulary, watch short videos, take quizzes, and free talk. This is a great tool for learning Chinese.

    2. Practice with a local or native speaker.

    Practice makes perfect. Think of a foreign language as just a new vocabulary word you don’t know yet. If you think of it like this then you will learn any language fast. Language is just repetition, so learning new words or phrases Practicing with a native will help with pronunciation and fluency. If you do not know any native speakers, then no worries you can hire an online tutor such as cambly. Practicing what you learned and applying it just for a few minutes a day, you will begin to see growth

    3. Move Abroad



    The fastest and easiest way to learn a language is to fully immerse yourself in the culture. Yes, I know moving abroad seems expensive but it doesn’t have to be.

    There’s a lot of information on google that will help you towards that path but one way is to teach English abroad. I was an English teacher in China. Entering china I only knew two words ni hao( Hello) and Xie Xie ( Thank You) but after 4 months I am able to communicate where I am from, numbers, names of certain foods, and how to order fluently in Chinese/mandarin.

    4.Train your ear

    If you think back or observe children the first year of there life they are simply listening and communicating the best they can but primarily they are listening. So, do the same. Train your ear to the new language. Initially, it will sound like a long glob of noise but after consistent exposure, you will begin to hear the individual word and your mouth will begin to mimic those words. Try listening to youtube videos, that have the language you want to learn or watch movies and TV Shows in that language.

    5. Online Language School

    TutorMandarin and ThatsMandarin are great online language school to learn Chinese. If you would like a structured environment with a consistent teacher, then finding an online language school would be best. The perks of learning online are:

    -You will have a class anytime or anywhere.

    -Lesson plans are already developed

    – Goal tracking to see your progression

    -Live certified teachers, to answer your questions

    This is a great option for people who want to learn remotely and have a busy schedule. these schools usually work around your hour of availability.

    Learning a new language can be overwhelming but just keep your goal and objective in mind. Ask yourself why do you want to learn and let that answer motivate you. Soon you will be fluent in no time.

    Before you go:

    -stay consistent!

    -download learning apps

    -Remember, practice makes perfect

    -Find an online tutor such as Cambly, TutorMandarin, or ThatsMandarin

    Before You Go

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