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    How To Write daily Affirmations To Create The Life You Want ( Super easy!)

    How To Write daily Affirmations and control your reality so you can create exactly what you want in life

    What Are Affirmations?

    Affirmations are strong, powerful statements that retrain your subconscious and conscious mind. It’s a control thought, that will eventually become a belief. This belief will help shape your daily behavior. Our lives are on autopilot and the habits we have created through the years are the program. So, to help change our program/habits to something we always wanted to do or be, we use an affirmation.

    What Are Affirmations and Do they really work?

     We have over 500,000 thoughts a day and more than half are negative thoughts. Some of our internal thoughts aren’t even ours, they may be from our parents, friends, or society. So, to have more control of your life, creating powerful affirmations of who you want to be or what you want will change your life.

    Affirmations are controlled thoughts and your body reacts to whatever your mind does. So, if you create an affirmation for fitness such as “ I am fit, I go to the gym weekly” this thought will program your subconscious mind and show up as a new behavior. You will start going to the gym regularly and love it.

    What are the Benefits of Affirmations?

    Affirmation benefits us in a lot of ways. It helps reshape your paradigm so that you can creating the life you want. When you start affirming and controlling your thoughts you learn how to control other things in life too.

    Stating affirmations such as “I am full of abundance”,  “ I am a world traveler” and so forth. Once these statements are repeated daily, it is convincing the subconscious mind that you are a world traveler. Even though you aren’t currently traveling, your mind doesn’t know that by saying these affirmations you are affirming and commanding yourself that you are a world traveler. This will create a new paradigm in your reality that will start to reflect that inner desire to travel.  Things will start to work out in your favor, you may get a raise so you will have more money to travel, your job may extend its vacation time to 3 weeks off, or in my case you may win a travel contest. More opportunities to travel will appear in your reality.

    Whatever you believe on the inside will reflect on the outside

    How To Write Affirmations  and use Effectively

    There isn’t a right or wrong way to use affirmations. You are the creator of your life so use this tool as you please, but as a suggestion, it is best to say your affirmation 2-3X in the morning and before bed.

    1. Start Your Affirmation With I Am:

    Use the phrases “I am__” or A positive statement. Starting your affirmation with I am is giving your mind a commend. This is a direct statement that commands your mind to think or act this way. For example, “I am happy.”

     2. Use Them In The Present Tense

    Affirmations are used to trick the mind, so speak as if you already have what you want. Also, Believe that you already have it. If you Want to Move to a different country, then speak in the present tense as if you are already there and make sure you believe it. An example of a daily Affirmation is, ” I love living in Japan , it brings me so much joy” or “I am living happily in Japan. ”

    3. Write or say your affirmation

    Repeat your affirmation for at least 1-5 minutes or write them down several times for a few minutes a day twice a day.

    4. No Negativity

    Affirmation is a positive statement to shape your mind. Try not to use negative words like ” no, do not, want” by doing this you are creating resistance. For example, “I want more money” this is telling the universe that you want money, so the verb is “want” and the universe will give you exactly that a “want”. The key is to trick the mind that you already have money so it will show up in your reality. So, instead, use ” I have money” or ” I am financially free”.

    5. Be Specific

    Niche down, be as specific with your affirmation. If you like to move to Japan, A great specific affirmation is “ I am so happy and grateful that I live in my nice safe apartment in Kyoto, Japan

    6. Let Go and Believe

    After saying your Affirmation, let it go and believe. Once you are finish repeating them, have the feeling of completion as if you already have it. The universe is energy and by putting a feeling behind the affirmation that feeling will manifest into your world. If my affirmation is “ I am a world traveler” I would envision myself getting off of the airplane to my new destination and I focus on that feeling of excitement. So, as I say “I am a world traveler” I feel excitement behind it.

    7. Take Action

    Also, remember that action behind the affirmations will help accelerate the results. If your affirmation is ” I am financially independent ” then start creating a savings account or create a plan that will help you become financially independent along say repeating your affirmation.

    What Are Affirmations and How Do You Use Them?
    Befor You Go

    Affirmation is the best way to get ahold of your life and create the life you want. Spending time with yourself repeating your affirmation in the morning and night will transform your life. Make a commitment to do them for 30 days, until you form a new habit. Some things manifest immediately others take time but if you have the belief it will happen then it will.

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    What is Butterfly Pea Flower Tea?

    What Is Butterfly Pea Flower?

    Butterfly Pea flower is known by its botanic name, Clitoria Ternatea. It is an edible flower that’s native to South East Asia. The Plant is Known for centuries for its medicinal and color-changing properties. The flower is growing in popularity because of its vibrant colors that range from light to dark blue and different shades of purple. It is grown and source in warmer climates, that is above 60 degrees.  It changes colors when introducing to acid such as lemon.

    How Did I Find It?

     I discovered Butterfly Pea Flower on my month-long stay in Thailand. I was at my favorite restaurant that I frequent every day. When I go, I only get two things from that restaurant Khao Soi and Pad Thai( of course ), well after doing free yoga that morning, I felt healthy and wanted to keep this energy up. I planned to order coconut water, but a blue purplish drink caught my eye. Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Hot or Cold,  below had the explanation and benefits of this gorgeous tea. Chiangmai, Thailand weather in March is HOT! So, I order the drink cold. I really enjoyed it; it has a similar taste to green tea but not exactly.

    How to use Butterfly Pea Flower?

    Butterfly Pea Flower is grown predominately in South East Asia. I discovered the plant in Thailand. Thai people use it for a variety of reasons. If you steep the tea and strain it, you will be left with a blue liquid or dye. You can use this natural dye to dye food, clothing, and even your hair. My favorite dessert dish is mango sticky rice. Sometimes a vendor/restaurant owner will tint the rice with the natural dye from the plant or tent rice cakes to make colorful dishes.

     There are also plenty of medicinal properties that suppliers of the plant claim the plant promotes such as brain health, stress relief, anti-inflammation, and rejuvenating the skin, rich in anthocyanin, nootropic anxiolytic, and antidepressant. There isn’t a lot of scientific FDA approve research, but this plant is considered Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used to treat various elements in the body for centuries.

    Where to buy Butterfly Pea Flower?

    Butterfly Pea Flower can be found near you or online. It is such a versatile plant. As mentioned before you can use it for medicinal properties or food, herbal teas, or a natural dye. What’s really cool is that it changes colors when introducing to lemon or lime. You can add the dye to make colorful cocktails drinks, Unicorn lemonade, Herbal tea, and any type of blue dessert. The best thing is that it is caffeine-free and antioxidant. You can find Butterfly Pea Flower through Amazon. It is sold as dried blossoms or powder.  

    Butterfly Pea flower is known by its botanic name, Clitoria Ternatea. It is an edible flower that’s native to South East Asia. The Plant is Known for centuries for its medicinal and color-changing properties.

    Simple Recipe for Butterfly Pea Flower Tea:

    • 1 cup of water
    • Honey or brown sugar
    • Lime or lemon ( optional )

    Steep Time: 5-7 minutes

    To make this magical tea simple just add all of the ingredients together and allow it to steep for 5 minutes. Add honey, brown sugar, or any prefer sweetener to your liking.


    Final Thoughts:

    Food is medicine and nature is beautiful, everything we need to sustain ourselves is here on earth and is found in nature. Through travel and traveling locally, you can discover amazing plants and herbs that can transform your life.  I hope the Butterfly Pea Flower has introduced a new wave of recipes and increase health for you.

    Other resources:

    – Butterfly Pea Tea is available through Amazon or your local herbalist

    -Disposable Teabags, Here, to make to a perfect cup of tea

    -Prepackaged Butterfly Pea flower by, Butterfly Pea Tea Bag

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    6 Tips to Create Savings and Emergency Funds

    It’s best to always be prepared for every possible situation. You never know what may happen, you might encounter an illness which the insurance won’t handle, or a car accident might lead to expensive repairs.

    Below I wrote a few tips I used to create my saving account to over 2k!

    How it is possible to save on a minimum

    6 Tips to Create an Emergency/ Savings Fund

    Just like you, I have always had a problem trying to save up. After many trials and errors, I have developed a system that has helped me saved over $2,000.

    Here are 6 tips for creating Savings and Emergency Funds.

    1.   Mindset

    Mindset is the most important tip on this list. Your mind controls your reality. You have to believe that it can be done in order to make it happen. Setting the intention of, in the next month I will have$__ amount in my bank account will manifest into this reality.

    With this determination of wanting $1,000 in your saving account, it will become easier to decline things you don’t really need.

    If you see a new pair of shoes, shirt, makeup, glazed donut, or whatever, ask yourself,

    What am I gaining from this transaction? What will I be losing?

    If you are saving for a trip to Hawaii or move into a new house, would spending this money affect your dreams? What’s more important, your dream or the donut? Ask yourself, what purpose am I serving by purchasing this? Think of the bigger picture.

    2.   Have a Goal in mind; what is your Why?

    Having a purpose every time you transfer your money into your savings account is a good mindset shift. Say to yourself, this $10 is contributing to my emergency fund. Do not think of saving as in lack, it is still your money you just are setting it aside for a later day.

    What is your WHY? Why do you want to save? Your “why” is the motivating factor.

    Your goal is “the car,” and the why is the “gas.” For reaching your destination, your car needs gas, so for your goals to accomplish, you need a driving force, which is your “why.” Why do you need to save money? How will these savings help you?

    Remember: The more you spend, the longer it will take you to reach your savings and emergency funds goal.

    3.   Unsubscribe to all Unused Subscriptions

    There are some apps like Truebill that take the load off of your shoulders. This app is really helpful since it will detect subscriptions that you subscribe to without any knowledge.

    These subscriptions take monthly deduction out of your account if you aren’t aware.

    I subscribed to many video/photo editing apps that took out $10 a month. That’s $120 a year I was paying and had no idea. Also, they act as your money manager.

    One time I had an overdraft on a credit card. There’s an option for Truebill to dispute this claim on your behalf. I allowed them to do so and was refunded the money. I didn’t have to talk to anyone!

    Truebill highlights:

    • Track and budget expenses
    • Lower your bills with bill negotiators
    • You can create a monthly budget to help towards your saving/emergency fund with this app
    • Truebill refers to “Your finance watchdog,” and I agree



    4.   Side Hustle or a Job to overcome extra expenses

    Increase your income by having a side hustle/job. Whatever income you make from this job goes directly into your savings/emergency fund.

    A few ideas are

    Teach English online with Cambly. NO experience necessary to start teaching with Cambly. You can read my review of the company here.

    Teach with VIPKID. To teach with VIPKID, you must have a bachelor’s degree. The interview process is easy! Apply here and start making an extra income.

    Focus Groups, Focus groups are easy and all-rounders. You can learn and earn. I completed a focus group one time that paid me $200. The group wanted information about my travel experience. These focus groups are doing market research to improve their business. They will pay to know what you are thinking during your purchasing process. Focus groups allow in-person participation and online. Here are some focus groups you can focus on,

    • Respondent is my favorite online focus group. You can earn up to $140, depending on the group.
    • Another great resource is Dscout. This app is filled with great focus groups. I participated in a Dscout group that paid me $75 for my opinions.

    5.   Challenges

    Find a challenge chart on Pinterest to help track your savings goal. I love these because it shows what you need to do to reach the goal. If you want to save $1,000 in 2 months, find a real challenge you can do and stick to it.

    6.   Automatic Saving

    Finally, my favorite way of saving is Automatic Saving. I use this app called DIGIT and love it. DIGIT works by withdrawing small increments of money, or you can create a daily withdrawal budget.

    My plan is set up to withdrawal as low as 15 cents to $10 daily. Within no time, you can easily save $100 without even noticing. I created a more in-depth post of digit here.

    There is an option on the app called “Have an Emergency Cushion.” Create this account, set your daily limit, and that’s it!

    If you use my referral code, they will start you off with $5! Click Here

    A Final Verdict

    I hope this was helpful!

    It’s always great to have an emergency fund/saving account. I hope these six tips to creating an emergency fund and savings have helped you. Having savings and emergency funds is never a bad idea.

    How to create savings and emergency funds?
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    My 5 Favorite Travel Essentials

    My top 5 favorite travel essentials I use for all of my trips!

    My 5 favorite Travel Essentials

    1. Portable Hanging Travel Shelves

    This is my number one go-to travel product. I have never gone on a trip without bringing my portable travel shelves! This saves you time and space. Also, very easy to use. To pack your bag, just hang the portable shelves up, load your clothes, close the bag, and put it in your suitcase. Once you’ve arrived at your destination you can open the suitcase and hang it in a closet, or over the door. You never have to unpack.

    2.Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub, Original, 1 oz – 3 pack

    I have really sensitive skin and when I am in a new climate my skin tends to break out. I discovered this product back in 2008.. YES! I have been using this for such a long time because it really works for me. My recent trip to LA I forgot to bring it with me and broke out. After buying this, in two days my face was clear again.

    3. Portable Charger

    I love this charger! Being able to see when the battery pack is about to die instead of guessing, is such a huge plus! My biggest fear is my phone dying while in a foreign country without knowing the language.

    4. My Favorite camera!

    The screen flips out! This is the perfect vlogging camera. I take this on all of my trips. This is the camera I use for my youtube videos.

    5.Toiletry Holder

    Clearly I like to optimize my space. This toiletry holder also has a hanging option with multiple compartments. It’s easy to take out for the TSA check. Just make sure all of your products are under 4oz

    My 5 Favorite Travel Essentials

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    How to Pass Your VIPKID Smart Demo?

    Learn How to Pass Your VIPKID Smart Demo, the first time.


    After successfully completing and passing the basic information section, the next step is the Smart Demo.VIPKID’s smart demo is a quick and easy process. In order to progress to the mock class, you must take this 2-minute demo. The cool thing is, once you pass this demo you in! Yes, meaning you are hired. You just have to pass A 2-minute demo to become a VIPKID

    How to take the demo?

    Things you will need for Smart Demo :

    1. Have props
    2. Study the material in the app
    3. Take the quiz in
    4. Watch the Example videos thoroughly repeatedly
    5. mimic them this is exactly how they want you to teach

    First, you have to download the app, this option is only available in the app. If you try to schedule on the laptop you will end up interviewing with a person. The smart demo is a 2-minute recording of yourself going over one slide.

    What does it take to succeed?

    Props, educational background, TPR, and a smile. For my 2-minute smart demo class, I didn’t have a decorative educational background but I did have props. In my experience not having a decorative background did not hinder my chances of being hired, but I would advise you to get one anyway. Keep in mind, how well your smart demo goes effects your base pay. Also, I would find my relatable props for the slide that is provided. During the process, VIPKID will show example videos of how they would like you to teach. Watch these repeatedly. I watch all of the example videos at least 5 times and mimick exactly what they did. This is like a cheat code, these examples are exactly how VIPKID wants you to teach. So once you have successfully emulated the example video, proceed to take the demo. There will be a timer, don’t worry you have more than enough time to complete one slide.


    Make sure you use TPR and speak slowly. I would use a small whiteboard and repeat the vocabulary word at least 3 times. Relax and try to be playful

    1. Have props
    2. Study the material in the app
    3. Watch the example videos repeatedly
    4. mimic them this is exactly how they want you to teach

    Hope this helps! If you would like more information please let me know.

    Link Below to Apply:


    Helpful Resources:

    Mini Dry Erase Board Paddle or Dollar Tree

    Over the chair organizer for storage, this is great to store your props.

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    Everything you need to know to Teach English With Cambly

    Are you ready to teach English with Cambly online while making money from home or anywhere in the world?

    What is Cambly?

    Teach English With Cambly is an amazing opportunity. Cambly is a website for adults looking for native English speakers to tutor them in the language.

    The students can browse through tutors and select one that they feel will help them advance their English.

    Cambly has now offered Cambly kids so this company allows you to teach either adults or children.

    So, What’s in it for me? 

    Teaching with Cambly can help you supplement your income aka easy side hustle.

    The cool thing about Cambly is that you can join as a tutor and immediately start tutoring.

    I joined Cambly last year, in July. I applied to be a tutor in July 2019 but didn’t teach my first class until February 2020.

    Cambly is primarily adults ( they just created kids Cambly) and you can speak to people from different parts of the world in a matter of minutes.

    You’ll be able to chat with people from South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, and more. You’ll learn a lot about their cultures, daily life, and themselves!

    Cambly pays per minute in talk time which equals up to $10.20/hour and delivers your earnings every Monday via Paypal.

    How to get started? 

    Easy! Click here: https://www.cambly.com/en/tutors?referralCode=daija6. Cambly has Flexible hours, work as little or as much as you want.

    You can work anywhere in the world as long as you have a wifi connection.

    Cambly is extremely flexible. You can have set hours, once you build your student base or you can sign up for priority hours. Priority Hours in a way are guarantee hours, except you do not know who your student will be.

    Think of it as virtual teaching speed dating. You never know who will call you which makes it extremely fun and exciting. Also, it is a great way to gain more students.

    The more priority hours you do the more students you come across that will convert into regulars. Having regulars will help with a stable schedule.

    Priority hours are really cool and I would recommend doing as many hours as possible.

    I worked at Cambly a few hours a day while staying for a month in Chiangmai and Phuket, Thailand.

    Imagine working for a few hours a day, grabbing pad thai, and then heading to the beach for sunset.

    Takeaways :

    -You can Teach English with Cambly from anywhere in the world with WIFI

    -Cambly has Flexible Hours

    -No degree necessary

    -Teach adults or children

    This is a great way to earn money in your free time to go towards a vacation, saving goals, or pay back debt .. Signup now