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    The Ultimate 4 Day Arizona Road Trip Guide

    How To Make The Most of a Weekend Trip in Arizona While on a Budget

    I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Arizona which turned into a random spontaneous road trip. The only thing on my itinerary was to visit Sedona and then come back to Phoenix to catch our flight. After realizing how beautiful AZ is, I rearrange my itinerary and turned my trip into a road trip. The first step is to fly into Phoenix then drive to Sedona, next drive to Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend( must see), Finally drive back to Phoenix. So, here it is, The Ultimate Arizona Travel Guide for those who want to optimize there trip while on a budget.  

    What To Pack:

    Alongside what you would normally pack for a 4-day trip, make sure to bring the items below

    Where To Stay:

    For this Guide, we will be staying at two different hotels. One in Sedona and the other near the Grand Canyon. Sedona is a small beautiful magic town with stunning views. Where ever you stay in Sedona you will have an amazing view. For both Sedona and Grand Canyon, we stayed at The Best Western Plus. You can also choose to stay at an Air Bnb.

    • Sedona: Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas
    • Air Bnb ( Get $20 OFF first stay)
    • Grand Canyon: Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn
    #Traveltip Ask the hotel in advance for a room with a great view
    Car Rental :

    We used Turo which is basically like the Airbnb version but for cars. People rent their cars out to other people. Think about how on Airbnb you rent a room or house out to during your vacation, its exactly the same but you are renting a car for your vacation. On Turo, there’s a lot of different cars to choose from. The owner of the car chooses the daily rate. Learn more about Turo here. For our trip, we chose a Black Mustang because it was the most convenient. The owners had the car already park at the airport car rental lot, so all we had to do was take a free shuttle from the airport to the parking lot and pick up the keys. 


    4 Days in Arizona Overview

    • Day 1: Drive from Phoenix to Sedona
    • Day 2: Sedona to Grand Canyon to Horse Shoe bend
    • Day 3: Grand Canyon to Phoenix

    4 Days in Arizona Itinerary: Day 1

    How To Get To Sedona :

    Sedona is about two hours away from Phoenix. So wherever you are traveling from, fly into PHX and rent a car for the drive to Sedona.

    If you decide to use Turo just message the owner and they will give you directions on how to access their car. The drive to Sedona is beautiful, so don’t worry about the drive it will go by fast.

    #traveltip: Try to find a owner whos car is park at the airport so you can use the free airport shuttle


    Arrive In Sedona and Check-In To Your Hotel.

    We stayed at the Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas which is a huge hotel. The receptionist provided us with the best room. Our hotel room was towards the back of the hotel which gave us our own patio. The best part is the patio was facing the canyons so we were able to observe the vast beauty of Sedona from our hotel room.

    Activity: Hike Cathedral Rock

    Sedona is a small town so everything is close by. If you are staying at Best Western then the canyons are right outside or you can take a short drive to Cathedral Rock and take a hike. There a lot of trails so bring water and your camera. Enjoy the moment.

    There a lot more to do but we spent all of our time hiking, taking drone shots, and enjoying Sedona beauty.

    #traveltip Please stay until sunset, it’s magical.

    4 Days in Arizona Itinerary: Day 2

    Today will be a full day, so wake up early to optimize the day.

    This Best Western offers a free breakfast buffet

    -Activity 1: EXPLORE THE TOWN

    Leave your hotel and walk around. There are tons of crystal shops, aura reading, souvenir shops, psychics, smoothie, food, and more. While I was there I had a psychic reading, a REALLY good green smoothie, and brought a beautiful master clear crystal quartz.

    Amitabha Stupa Peace Park Buddhist temple

    Activity 2: Drive to Amitabha Stupa Peace Park Buddhist temple

    You are going to want to spend time here. Now, this place is magical. The infamous energy vortex are here. You may or may not feel it but please come here with an open mind. It’s also a great please for self-reflection.

    Activity 3: Time to leave Sedona and Head to the Grand Canyon

    #TravelTip Grand Canyon is another 2 hours away, so leave at a good time if you want to visit the Grand Canyon during the day.

    Again, the drive to The Grand Canyon is beautiful, put on some music, and enjoy the scenery.

    We stayed at the Best Western hotel near the Grand Canyon

    This hotel was beautiful as well, it had a pizza shop, bar, and arcade in it!

    4 Days in Arizona Itinerary: Day 3

    Another a full day head ! so get ready.

    Start your day off with breakfast. This Best Western charges a fee for their breakfast buffet.

    Activity 1:GRAND CANYON

    Take a scenic drive through the grand canyon and stop at the observatory places

    Activity 2: Drive to Horseshoe Bend

     Horsebend is a must-see! Do not leave Arizona without going to Horseshoe Bend.

    Horseshoe Bend
    photo courtesy of Auston Robinson

    How to find Horseshoe Bend: Put Horseshoe Bend Page, AZ into GPS.

    Look for a sign that says Horseshoe Bend Overlook, you will find a parking lot. Parking at HorseshoeBend is about $10. There will be a shuttle bus that runs every 20 mins that will come and pick people up and take them the Horseshoe Bend. From there, there’s another 15-20 min walk to the actual location. Arizona is hot! So be mindful of when you are going and what time of day it is. We went during the evening time, so we had to drive back to Grand Canyon at night.

    #traveltip BE CAREFUL at the time of visiting Horseshoe bend there weren’t any railing alongside the cliff. It can be really windy and people have fallen off the cliff from taken selfie

    4 Days in Arizona Itinerary: Day 4

    Check out and return to Phoenix

     This is a 4-hour drive back to Phoenix. Depending on your flight leave at the time that’s right for you, we ate breakfast and check out but left early because its ARIZONA.  We knew we would make multiple stops on our way to the airport.

    Activity 1: Catch your  flight

    I hope this was the Ultimate 4 Day Arizona Road Travel Guide for you and if you follow it please let me know. I would love to hear about your adventure.