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    Teach English Online: How To Become a Digital Nomad With No Experience

    I’ve watched video after video, read blog after blog, trying to figure out how people worked remotely while living in a different country.

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    How were they able to afford this lifestyle?

    Don’t you need a lot of money to travel, right?

    After watching my favorite vloggers reveal what they did and how they did it, I knew for sure, without a doubt, I couldn’t and didn’t want to do what they were doing.

    I want to live a nice and soft slow life. A life filled with low capitalism just enjoying my existent and the people around me. I didn’t want to learn a brand new skill, especially a skill I didn’t care about.

    I was at a point in my life where I only want to do things that aligned with my soul purpose..or close to it.

    Most digital nomads I have come across works in the tech industries. They are either website designers, coders, or software engineers.

    I am honestly was just burnt out and did not feel or want to learn a new skill. I was just so ready to go and LIVE and I know you are feeling the same too.

    So, How to become a digital nomad with no experience or skills? Well, this is what I did.

    I wrote down what was already working for me and what skills do I already have and decided to expand on those skills. In the spirit of adulthood….I made a list.

    teach english online

    So for me, I thought of which path would be the easiest and one of least resistant. I don’t want to work hard, I want to work smart and stay in alignment.

    I picked teaching English online to start my digital nomad journey. If you want to become a digital nomad but have no experience, Then teaching English online is the easiest option.

    How To Teach Online and Travel the world?

    You do not necessarily have to teach English you can teach anything you feel you have more knowledge than the average person!

    You can teach English, Art, Math, and/or Yoga.

    What Are The Requirements to Become an ESL Teacher?

    ESL stands for English as a Second language. As an ESL teacher, your job is to teach or tutor kids, teens, or adults in the English language.

    As an ESL teacher, you can specialize in different areas. Depending on which company you pick, you can teach grammar or conversational English, or both.

    I prefer teaching conversational English, to be honest, grammar wasn’t my favorite subject in school but I don’t mind writing ..weird I know.

    Anywho, I try to stick with companies that focus mainly on conversational English.

    In general, the requirement are:

    1. Native English speaker ( no worries, nonnative English speakers there are tons of companies that hire nonnative speakers, click here )
    2. Bachelors degree ( no worries here, I have a list of companies who do not require a BA degree, click here )
    3. Tefl Certificate ( Most companies require this but there are a few that can provide one for you )
    4. Teaching Experience

    As an online ESL teacher, you are an independent contractor, Which is a huge perk for me!

    You aren’t required to work 40 hours a week to keep your job and you can create your own schedule!

    Benefits of Becoming an Online English Teacher

    My favorite benefit of teaching online English is time freedom. The flexibility in the ESL industry is GREAT.

    You can pick your hours and work when you want. I like to split my day up, work 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours at night or do 8 hours a day at once or 5 hours Tuesday and make the rest up another day. It is completely up to you.

    How Does Teaching Online work?

    You will be teaching children, teens, or adults English through an online platform. This could be within the company system ( my fav ) or via zoom or skype.

    Next, You set your hours of availability and just show up! It is super easy, 99% of the time the company provides a lesson plan for you so no planning or prepping. Just review the lesson make sure you understand and teach it!

    If you aren’t feeling too comfortable with teaching do not worry, once you are hired there will be training and there are also a lot of youtube videos showing you how to teach online.

    Most classes range from 10-45 minutes and this is determined by the ESL company you decided to go with.

    You will also have the option of one-on-one teaching vs group.

    In short, the company you pick matters. There are so many ESL companies hiring, I would try to find one or two that is more closely related to what you want.

    For me, I realize I prefer teaching adults in conversational English. There aren’t that mainly platforms for adults and the pay isn’t as great as the children platforms so it is best to work for at least two platforms.

    Go to the platform that pays the highest and you like.

    teach english online

    My favorite platform to teach adults is Engoo. You get to have an intellectual conversation if you’re into that and learn about your student culture.

    My favorite teaching online platform for children is Education First, EF, because literally 95% of the work is done for you!

    You are basically just reviewing what the child has already learned in class. The students were already taught the material prior to you, so all you have to do is just do a quick 25-minute revision.

    Oh, and out of all the online teaching platforms, this is perfect for introverts ( if you aren’t into buying props and being weirdly outgoing ). I speak about the whole process here.

    How Much Do Online ESL Teachers Make?

    The pay ranges for teachers, from$10-25 an hour depending on your qualifications.

    Teaching children is where the big bucks are. Some companies offer a flat rate for teaching while others have metrics or bonuses you can achieve to increase your pay.

    For example: Look at EF pay structure :

    It is possible to make a living by teaching English online. I love the flexibility it provides and I believe this is the perfect job for anyone who wants to become a digital nomad or simply want another side hustle.

    My first experience teaching English online in a foreign country is what motivated me to make this my lifestyle, I was stuck in Thailand and without a job.

    I decided to try teaching for Cambly to see if I could do it.

    My day was so perfect. I would wake up, get food (pad thai of course with a smoothie), stop by 7 eleven go to Maya mall to do my work, then come back to teach for a few hours on Cambly to make $50 that day then I would go back to the local night market eat the best wings with the best pineapple passion fruit smoothie all for $60 baht.

    What are the equipment requirements for Teaching English Online

    The equipment requirements vary as well, it is best to review as many ESL companies to see what you match with the best.

    In general, the requirements are:

    -Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone

    -High-speed Internet

    Most require a laptop but Palfish is one company that allows smartphones. Also, Vipkid you can teach on a tablet or laptop as well.

    I Do Not Want To Be An ESL Teacher, What Can I Do?

    Good news! There are other platforms for you if you arent interested in becoming an ESL teacher.

    The only con is, you have to create the teaching material yourself.

    You can become a freelance teacher in any industry.

    Pro: You are in complete control of your business

    Con: This may not be a con for all, but you have to find your own clients and create a curriculum for them

    There are a few online platforms that can help with attracting customers to your business. These platforms are like a marketplace, they bring the potential customers but you still have to market a bit.

    Top 3 Freelance Teaching Platforms

    1. Outschool
    2. Udemy
    3. Skillshare

    Outschool is for kids 3-18 that provides a fun interesting curriculum on many different topics.

    You can find people teaching yoga, guitar lesson, unboxing, gardening lesson, dancing, gaming, movie review discussion, anything! To children 3-18. Outschool prefers their teachers to teach a live class but they do have an option called Flex, which allows you to record the class.

    Udemy is more of a passive income, similar to Outschool but is cater to Everyone! You just create a course on whatever topic you want and then offer the course on their platform.

    Skillshare “classes are authentic, actionable, and designed to help students bring what they learn into the real world. On Skillshare, students watch classes at their own pace, create projects to practice what they‘ve learned, and interact with each other from all around the world”

    So there you have it!

    There are tons of ways to teach online and it doesn’t have to necessarily be teaching English, it can be anything you are interested in such as a hobby.

    This is a great way to become a digital nomad with no experience and create passive income.