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Prepare for Transformation: 8 Tips to Declutter Your Digital Space

Declutter Your Digital Space.

“Out with the old, in with the new! ” This is a phrase we have all heard before.

Sometimes we collect things that we don’t really need, capitalism. In a world that is constantly telling us to consume.. consume..consume… it’s hard to let go.

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What Is Decluttering?

Decluttering is simply removing unnecessary items from an overcrowded area.

When you think of decluttering most people think about their closet, room, or attic. These are all necessary places to clean and are often overcrowded.

Have you ever thought of decluttering your Digital Space?

We live in a digital world, and sometimes it can become overpopulated. How many photos, screenshots, and memes do you have on your phone?

How many people are you following on social media? Maybe, you don’t enjoy their content anymore and just never got around to unfollowing them?

What about your emails? I m currently at 967 emails ! that is soo unnecessary.

Well let’s do an 8-day Decluttering Challenge for our Digital Space

We will focus on one area of your Digital Space and clear it out!

Here Are A Few Digital Spaces To Help You Declutter


Decluttering photos is a pretty tough task because you value each one. I like to start with my funny memes and screenshots. I know for sure I will not want to keep those so I don’t even review them, I immediately trash them.

Next, I personally like to print the photos I have collected throughout the year and make a photo album or just print them out 4 x 6. I use Shutterfly to create physical photobooks.

I also like to use digital photo albums to keep them safe and to clear my phone’s photo album.

Digital memory photo album
Digital photo album


I am currently looking at 967 emails and asking myself how, how did I accumulate 900+ emails. I haven’t even checked my spam/junk folder yet.

I found the quickest way to delete emails is to just go to the “Unread” tab and just click delete. Don’t look, just delete.

There is a website called, It syncs your email up to get their software and you can see all of your email subscriptions. Once you see the list of subscriptions, then you can pick the ones you want to easily unsubscribe too

3.Text Messages

Decluttering text messages is a little tricky because you want to hold on to the conversations. I personally only delete text message threads for people I haven’t talked to in a while. I also like to unsubscribe from receiving text messages from companies trying to advertise.

4. Notes In Your Phone

If you have an iPhone, you may have used the “Notes” feature on your phone. As a person who has a million tabs open in their brain, I literally have to write things down or in this case, use the notes feature, or I’ll forget.

Well, recently I realized I haven’t deleted any of my notes in a long time, since 2015, and now I have a total of 585 notes. Well, that’s not totally awful for a 6 year period.. or is it .. either way lol go through the notes and delete what is needed.

I found that I have a lot of grocery list notes lol and random thoughts. I am going to keep the random thought notes but delete everything else.

5. Apps

Sometimes decluttering isn’t necessary throwing things away or deleting them.

Review the apps on your phone, and if you realize you need and want them, keep them.

What I like to do, is to organize my apps into a folder. I like to create categories for my apps and then organize them into a specific folder. I currently have Productivity, Finance, Social Media, Business, Creativity, Shopping and Food, and Travel folders.

The apps that fit each category, I place in the folder. It makes everything a lot neater and I do not have to search for the apps on my phone.

Example from Pinterest

6. Desktops

The same goes for desktop, look through your downloads and see if there is anything you want to delete and delete it. If not, create a folder and try to organize any documents, photos, or downloads you have. This makes it easy for you if you know exactly where everything is at.

I also like to create an organized wallpaper on Canva for my desktop. As shown below, with my wallpaper, I created an area for my vision board to go, I added a few personal photos and a to-do list. I use the sticky notes feature on my laptop to add the tasks I want to complete for the day. In the middle of the Wallpaper, where it says Travel By Dai, I place my frequently used folders there for easy access. On the top left side where it says “You Got It” there is usually an inspirational quote there.

Here is an example of my desktop.


The Bookmark feature on your chrome browsers makes it easy to go to any of your frequently visited websites. It is super easy to bookmark websites but also, easy to forget we have bookmarked websites and now have tons of websites bookmarked

Review the bookmarks in your browser and remove the ones you no longer frequent anymore.

This also includes any chrome extensions or extensions you aren’t using.

8. Unfollow People on Social Media

Last but not least, and the most important.

Social Media.

Remove all social media apps you are no longer using or do not find beneficial.

Sometimes on social media, for me, especially on Tiktok I find myself following accounts that I am not really interested in. The creator had one funny video and for some reason, I liked and followed. I ended up following 400 people. This isn’t bad, it is just who are these 400 people why am I following them?

If there’s a lot of people you just follow and they aren’t adding value to your life then unfollow them. This can be friends or family. No one should take a unfollow personally, and if they do, just explain to them why.

After reviewing the 400 accounts I was following, I realized I was only seeing about 10 of those creator content. I was only engaged in seeing 10 people’s content because they post often and it was interesting.

I ended up cutting 400 down to about 30 people that I truly liked their content. Each account was helping me in some sort of way. I was either learning how to edit better, blog better, cook, travel, and just things that would enhance my life.

So go through the people you are following and ask yourself why you are and determine if you want to continue.

How To Declutter Digital Spaces.

Well, that’s it, those are the 8 areas in my digital space I would focus on decluttering.

I hope this helped you. Remember to take your time and really go through each area. Spend a day on each one during this 8 day decluttering challenge. Letting go is a process.

The goal is to spend 8 days on each of the 8 areas to fully declutter.

Below, I created A workbook called ” Prepare for Transformation.” I notice when you are ready to transform and change your life, the 3 core areas I found that people focus on before the change are:

  1. Creating The Vision

2 .Decluttering

3. Mindset

Download this free workbook to help you along your journey.


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