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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Planning For beginners’

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Are you ready to go paperless and start using Digital Planners?

Awesome! Well, keep reading to find out how to go from newbie to expert.

Everything you need to know on how to start digital planning is below :

1. What Is Digital planning?

Digital planning is simply the alternative to using paper planners and journals. Instead of having several different planners and journals and using paper products, use a digital planner instead.

2.What is a Digital Planner

A digital planner is a PDF file/ Template design as a planner. You upload the pdf file to an annotating app or website such as Goodnotes that allows you to write on the file!

Digital planning by travel by dai

Save the trees and switch to digital planners.

3. What Do You Need To Start Digital Planning?

  1. An iPad/Tablet, that is compatible with any “notetaking app”
  2. Apple Pencil or Stylus
  3. A Digital Planner!

That’s It!

Free Digital Planner

digital planner travel bydai

If you are an Apple user you can download one of these apps:

  1. Good note ( My Favorite)
  2. Noteshelf
  3. Notability

If you are an Android user you can download:

  1. Noteshelf
  2. Xodo

iPad users! I highly recommend Goodnotes 5!

Digital Planners VS Paper Planners

Why Digital planning?

There are several reasons why I prefer digital planning over paper planners.

Reason #1 Portability

Other than it being eco-friendly I love that they are portable. You can use your digital planner on your tablet, on your phone, and on your desktop.

I have the GoodNote app on my phone, laptop, and iPad. As long as you are using the same login, you can use the digital on all three devices. The cool part is that as soon as you make a change to one device the other two will immediately update

Reason #2 Save on Supplies

Digital planning is super creative because with the app Goodnote you have all the supplies you need to fill out your digital planner.

In most note-taking apps, there is a toolbar. In this toolbar, you have highlighters in a variety of colors and you can upload your own custom colors, Different size pens, erasers, and options to upload pictures to your digital planner or journal. Most people upload their digital stickers here.

inside goodnotes

No more shopping for stickers or finding cool scrap pieces to add to your planner.

Now you can just on google and find an image and paste it into your planner!! Very cost-effective because it’s free! or there’s a lot of creators that sell digital stickers that you can purchase from too.

The cool thing about digital stickers is that they last FOREVER unless you delete them. If you don’t delete them, then you can use them for an infinite amount of time.

Can you do that with paper stickers without continuously buying them?

Free stickers coming soon, Sign up for the mail list to be notified


Pro tip: Pinterest has a lot of free planners and stickers for you to use.

Reason #3 Duplicate

Say goodbye to the days of having to repeatedly buy a new planner once you finish it. You ever had a planner that you completely loved but finish?

Well, the cool thing with a digital planner is you can duplicate the pages as many times as you want. You can even duplicate the planner! or You can erase the information in your planner and start over!

Digital planners last FOREVERRRR

Finding the Best digital planners

Ok ok, so we learned a lot about digital planners, now let’s find one!

Digital planning shopping is the same as physical planners shopping. You can browse until something call out to you or search Shops like mine or on Etsy for digital planners.

There are a variety of planners out there on the internet, figure out if you want a planner or journal then go from there.

Different Types of Digital Planners and Journals

  1. Un-dated Monthly planner OR Dated Monthly Planner
  2. Weekly Planners
  3. Digital photo albums/ digital scrapbooking to store your photos , you can also share the link
  4. Guided Digital Journal Prompts
  5. Bullet Planner
  6. Bullet Journal
  7. Daily Planners and more

Things to consider when shopping for a digital planner

Do you want your digital planner to be landscape or portrait? This isn’t a big deal because you can rotate the device but some people prefer the original file to be in a specific way.

The planners in my shop are usually landscape because I love making them look as realistic as possible with hyperlink tabs but you can always rotate your device if you prefer writing portrait style.

Want to Learn How to Use a Digital Planner?

Some of us are visual learners and so seeing is believing.

No worries I have you covered! I have a ton of videos showing you what my planner looks like and how to use planners in general!

I know I previously listed a ton of pros of switching to a digital planner but here is one con I could think of:

There is a tiny learning curve!

With anything new in life, it takes your mind a second to process and get used to doing something new. Digital planning is easy in its simplest form but when you use a new app such as GoodNote, it has a ton of cool features so if you want to optimize your digital planning experience it is helpful to know some of the features. If you don’t want to, then no worries GoodNotes is pretty intuitive.

How to upload/import Digital planner to GoodNotes.

Follow these steps below to upload your new digital planner:

  1. Once you download the digital planner you are going to want to save it to your device. I use an app called “Files” you can use any app such as google drive.
  2. Open your note-taking app, for example, I am using GoodNotes.
  3. Once GoodNote is open you are going to click the plus sign inside of the blue box to the left.
  4. There will be a drop-down option to upload your planner. Click “Import” then find your digital planner.
  5. Now the digital planner is on GoodNote’s home page. You can tap on your digital planner to open it.
  6. Once your planner is open in the top right click on the apple pencil icon to begin writing.
  7. Make sure your Apple pencil or stylus is charged then being planning.

Where Can I Find A Free Digital Planner Template Download for iPad?

You can find digital planners here or on Pinterest.

Also, watch fun plan with me videos and How-to videos to learn how to get the most out of your digital planner.

Hope this guide was helpful!

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