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Prepare for Transformation: Vision

“Greatness starts with a clear vision of the future “- Simon Sinek

In our series of Preparing For Transformation, which involves Vision, Decluttering, and Mindset Shifts.

I want to focus on the first and most important step in transforming your life, which is, Vision.

In preparation for transforming any area of your life, you first have to have a vision for it.

You have to envision your goal as if you have already achieved it. Once you are able to see and believe it, then it will reflect in your reality.

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Vision is having a visual representation of the goal you are wanting to achieve. So, in the process of preparing for a transformation, you have to identify the ideal goal you want. Usually, this is a visualization. If your goal is to have abs in 90 days, you will want to visualize what that looks like and feel like.

For example, Travel By Dai’s vision is to help people become the best version of themselves during their self-discovery journey. I want to see a community of people achieve their dream life and live intentionally.

To create more clarity with my vision, I like to write my thoughts down then plan out actionable steps to acheive my vision.

The Top 4 Tools I Use To Create My Ideal Vision


I also like to call it Braindumping. Braindumping is writing down whatever you are thinking or feeling. While writing, do not worry about it making sense or how it flows, just write it down to get it out of your head. Once everything is out and your vision is becoming more clear then you can refine what you wrote.


Journaling is my ABSOLUTE favorite way to envision my goals. It is similar to braindumping, but what I like to do is, use a manifestation method called, Scripting . Scripting is a form of journaling were you write your desire outcome in the present moment.

I am currently wanting to move into my dream apartment. So right now, I write what my day is looks like in my dream apartment, how do I feel, and I express gratitude. Journaling helps me get my vision out of my head and put it on paper so that I can visually see it.

Create A Vision Board

Vision boards are visual representation of your goals. I love creating vision boards because I enjoy seeing my goals in reality instead of in my head. I created a video about vision boards with awesome tips.

Download a free vision board planner in our Freebie Library

Create A Plan

Planning helps make the vision obtainable . I recently read a book called the “12 Week Year” and its basically advising people to focus on 12 week goals instead fo yearly goals. The book says “You will acheive more in 12 week than you do in one year “, by focusing on creating quartly goals.

When you create clarity with your vision, the next actionable step is to plan your vision.

For example, With my vision/goal of moving into my dream apartment by Feb 2022 , I am creating a 12 week plan with actionable to to achieve this goal.

As always I hope this was helpful.

In this series : How To Prepare For Transformation , I notice three areas I tend to focus on when I am ready for a change in my life. The areas are creating a vision, declutting my inner an outer world , and mindset shifts .

I created a free digital workbook called ” Preparing for Transformation,” in the workbook, you can write down your goals and how you plan to acheive them. Feel free to print it out or use as a digital planner.


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