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How To Learn Chinese: 5 tips to learning a new language

Would you like to learn a new language?

Are you feeling a bit overwhelm and have no idea where to start? Chinese is known as one of the hardest languages to learn but with these tips, you will learn how to change your mindset and start speaking the language.

Chinese is spoken by approximately 1.3 billion people natively, that’s roughly 16 percent of the world population.

Learning a new language can provide you with amazing new opportunities. The value of communication is priceless, so being able to speak another person’s mother tongue and connect with them is such a fulfilling feeling. The world is becoming smaller we are becoming more and more connected through social media.

As I began learning Chinese, I realized a few things that have helped me along the way and would like to share them with you.

So, here it is, The Top 5 Tips to learning Chinese or a new language :

1.Download Learning app:

 We are in a new era, there are apps for everything! Most of them are free for you to use. Download a language app and select the language you would like to learn. For best results use every day at least 10-15 minutes a day. This will help you build a habit of being consistent. There are a few language apps I would recommend one for Chinese and another for any other language.

Duolingo, Duolingo is a great free app to learn a new language. If you wanting to learn Spanish this app is perfect. You will learn new vocabulary, practicing pronunciation, and quizzes. Also, there’s an option to free talk to test what you have learned. Duolingo also provides Chinese lessons but I have another app that is even better for people seeking to learn Chinese.

Hello Chinese: Hello Chinese is very similar to Duolingo. The only difference is that it is 100% Chinese. So you will learn vocabulary, watch short videos, take quizzes, and free talk. This is a great tool for learning Chinese.

2. Practice with a local or native speaker.

Practice makes perfect. Think of a foreign language as just a new vocabulary word you don’t know yet. If you think of it like this then you will learn any language fast. Language is just repetition, so learning new words or phrases Practicing with a native will help with pronunciation and fluency. If you do not know any native speakers, then no worries you can hire an online tutor such as cambly. Practicing what you learned and applying it just for a few minutes a day, you will begin to see growth

3. Move Abroad

The fastest and easiest way to learn a language is to fully immerse yourself in the culture. Yes, I know moving abroad seems expensive but it doesn’t have to be.

There’s a lot of information on google that will help you towards that path but one way is to teach English abroad. I was an English teacher in China. Entering china I only knew two words ni hao( Hello) and Xie Xie ( Thank You) but after 4 months I am able to communicate where I am from, numbers, names of certain foods, and how to order fluently in Chinese/mandarin.

4.Train your ear

If you think back or observe children the first year of there life they are simply listening and communicating the best they can but primarily they are listening. So, do the same. Train your ear to the new language. Initially, it will sound like a long glob of noise but after consistent exposure, you will begin to hear the individual word and your mouth will begin to mimic those words. Try listening to youtube videos, that have the language you want to learn or watch movies and TV Shows in that language.

5. Online Language School

TutorMandarin and ThatsMandarin are great online language school to learn Chinese. If you would like a structured environment with a consistent teacher, then finding an online language school would be best. The perks of learning online are:

-You will have a class anytime or anywhere.

-Lesson plans are already developed

– Goal tracking to see your progression

-Live certified teachers, to answer your questions

This is a great option for people who want to learn remotely and have a busy schedule. these schools usually work around your hour of availability.

Learning a new language can be overwhelming but just keep your goal and objective in mind. Ask yourself why do you want to learn and let that answer motivate you. Soon you will be fluent in no time.

Before you go:

-stay consistent!

-download learning apps

-Remember, practice makes perfect

-Find an online tutor such as Cambly, TutorMandarin, or ThatsMandarin

Before You Go

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