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How To Meditate As A Beginners

How to meditate as a beginner?

How to meditate as a beginner? Simply, just start. Start now. The goal for mediation is for mindfulness. Sit down and breathe for a designated time, let go of all worries and concerns, and just BREATHE. A tip I have is to use guided mediation to begin your practice.

I know as a beginner that is hard to hear but don’t blow it off, mediation is breathing and being in the present moment. It’s mindfulness which is being aware of your consciousness. We are constantly on autopilot just doing things without being present Have you ever left your job and then realize you were 1 min away from your house but don’t remember the drive? That drive home has now become a routine. I bet if you close your eyes and drive to work with your mind’s eye you are able to do so. Your brain knows how to do it, so it no longer needs to focus on the drive, which sometimes causes you to drive home on autopilot. This applies to a lot of things we do throughout our life. We aren’t as focus on things as we should be because it has turned into a routine. Well, meditation allows us to be more aware of ourselves, aware of ourselves inwardly and outwardly. Aware of the present moment.

How To Meditate As A  Beginners

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided mediation, is a teacher or another person guiding you through your mediation via audio. In life when starting anything new it is best to have a teacher to help you until you are able to do it on your own. A guided mediation basically helps you focus on meditating. Sometimes our minds wander during mediation, through the practice that’s a skill you will improve on, but in the beginning, it may be a little difficult. Guided Meditation helps you stay focus.

Here are a few guided mediation apps for beginners :


Calm was voted Apple’s APP of the year in 2017, Google editor’s choice in 2018, World’s Happiest APP, and has over 700,000 downloads with 5 stars. They have great features for sleep, focus, and anxiety. Also, a new feature called sleep stories, bedtime stories for adults.


The story of headspace is pretty cool. Andy Puddicombe, the founder, quit his second semester of college to become a monk. He traveled for 10 years across the world and return back to the UK with the intention to spread mediation and mindfulness to the world. Headspace offers guided mediation, animated stories, articles, and videos.


We all have attended Youtube University before right? Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine with a lot of information to use in your daily life. There’s Guided meditation from many different creators from different backgrounds are available on the platform ..for free! Just search “guided mediation” and pick which every video you feel the most attracted too.

Insight Timer

Insight timer gives you a lot of free options. They have this really cool feature where you can pick a mediation and see how many people are currently mediating to it at the same time you are. They have 40,000 free meditations and music tracks, courses, and stats for tracking your progression. My favorite feature is the milestone tracker. With the milestone tracker their two categories consecutive and minutes. The Consecutive category tracks how many consecutive days you’ve mediated. Minute category track how much time you have spent meditating on the app.

My favorite out of all would be Insight Timer, you get a lot of options for the free version and I really love that you can see how many people are using the App when you are. Some are mediating ,some are listing to a podcast, and some are entering a course to better themselves. It’s really beautiful.

That’s it ! How to meditate as a beginner

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How To Meditate As A  Beginners

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