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How to Pass Your VIPKID Smart Demo?

Learn How to Pass Your VIPKID Smart Demo, the first time.


After successfully completing and passing the basic information section, the next step is the Smart Demo.VIPKID’s smart demo is a quick and easy process. In order to progress to the mock class, you must take this 2-minute demo. The cool thing is, once you pass this demo you in! Yes, meaning you are hired. You just have to pass A 2-minute demo to become a VIPKID

How to take the demo?

Things you will need for Smart Demo :

  1. Have props
  2. Study the material in the app
  3. Take the quiz in
  4. Watch the Example videos thoroughly repeatedly
  5. mimic them this is exactly how they want you to teach

First, you have to download the app, this option is only available in the app. If you try to schedule on the laptop you will end up interviewing with a person. The smart demo is a 2-minute recording of yourself going over one slide.

What does it take to succeed?

Props, educational background, TPR, and a smile. For my 2-minute smart demo class, I didn’t have a decorative educational background but I did have props. In my experience not having a decorative background did not hinder my chances of being hired, but I would advise you to get one anyway. Keep in mind, how well your smart demo goes effects your base pay. Also, I would find my relatable props for the slide that is provided. During the process, VIPKID will show example videos of how they would like you to teach. Watch these repeatedly. I watch all of the example videos at least 5 times and mimick exactly what they did. This is like a cheat code, these examples are exactly how VIPKID wants you to teach. So once you have successfully emulated the example video, proceed to take the demo. There will be a timer, don’t worry you have more than enough time to complete one slide.


Make sure you use TPR and speak slowly. I would use a small whiteboard and repeat the vocabulary word at least 3 times. Relax and try to be playful

  1. Have props
  2. Study the material in the app
  3. Watch the example videos repeatedly
  4. mimic them this is exactly how they want you to teach

Hope this helps! If you would like more information please let me know.

Link Below to Apply:

Helpful Resources:

Mini Dry Erase Board Paddle or Dollar Tree

Over the chair organizer for storage, this is great to store your props.

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