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How to Teach English Online with Engoo

Teach English online with Engoo

I heard about Engoo through these online teaching groups via Facebook. This Facebook group is a really good resource to find a lot of other ESL Teaching Online Positions. It’s also a really good resource for non-native speakers to find employment as well.

What is Engoo?

Engoo, formerly called Bibo International, is an online tutoring company based in Japan. Their student based is Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean. Engoo accepts native and non-native teachers to teach English to their students. They offer 24/7 tutoring service, which allows teachers to create a flexible schedule. The pay ranges they offer are from $2-$5 USD per class. Each class is 25 minutes long. Native English Speakers make $5 per class. So, in all, If you book two classes per hour, the pay is $10 an hour for native English speakers. No prior experience is required.

Engoo’s instructors explain exactly how they would like their classes to flow. You can find an outline of it here. When conducting class the students can choose between material (usually news articles) or free talk. You have the option to chose between Payoneer or Paypal and will receive the payment once a month on the 20th of each month. The classes are mainly one-on-one

How To Pass Engoo Demo/ Interview Process As A Native English Speaker?

Engoo conducts its training, demo, and interview at the same time. It is between 1-3 hours long. Don’t worry, the time goes by fast and the interview is pretty straightforward. First is a brief overview of the company, training, then a demo/interview.

During this time, please pay attention to what the instructor says because she will explain the flow of the class and this is key to passing the demo. If you can do exactly what the instructor is saying and have a neutral accent you will pass. Also, click here to read how Engoo wants the class to flow. If you do this, you will pass.

Below, I will explain the process it will take to become a teacher to teach online with Engoo. The process takes between 1-3 hours.

– The process starts with attendance, make sure in the Zoom call you write your name in the chatbox to allow the recruit to know you are here.

-Next, The Instructor will provide training on exactly what they want to see and expect each tutor to do in future classes. This part is very important so please write down what they mention and do it in the demo.

After training, they will assign a time for you to take your demo/interview. So, In my experience, after the training, they will send you a message through chat with the time of your demo class that will be conducted on the Engoo site. My demo was scheduled for 10:20 am, it was a 15-minute demo class, then immediately after you find out your results. I had roughly 35 minutes before my demo/interview time to prepare. Do not exit the zoom call, just open another tab and familiarize yourself with the lesson flow and platform.

-Finally, Once your demo is over, you will get an alert in the chat stating if you pass or not. Once you pass, Engoo’s recruitment team will send you a contract to sign. You can leave the zoom call and begin the onboarding process.

Congrats on starting your teaching online Journey!

Once Engoo receives your documents, your account will be activated and you can begin teaching. Here is a Facebook group where other Engoo teachers hang out at

Quick Recap & Tips To Pass Engoo Demo

Here are a few more tips to help you pass your demo:

  • Read this article and do exactly what it says.
  • Make sure you use the chatbox, at least one time.
  • Make sure you end the class at exactly 25 min.
  • Make sure you are pacing yourself well so you do not go over 25 min.
  • Finish the lesson.

I have attached my feedback from my demo class so you can see what the recruiter said about my demo.

Well, that’s it! I hope this has helped you and if it did please use my referral code. Once you pass and register, there will be a box to enter Tutor’s ID please enter mine, u4460.

Good Luck and Happy Teaching,

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