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How To Use A Digital Planner Memory book

If you love photo albums or scrapbooking then you will definitely love Digital Memory books.

What is a Digital Memory Book

A digital planner memory book is simply a digital version of a photo album or scrapbook. You can store all of your photos in the memory book and keep them forever.

Benefits Of A Digital Memory Book

  1. You can use them forever! So, there are two ways to do so. First, you can keep duplicating the pages if you are using the Goodnote App. The second way is to Duplicate the entire album and reuse it . You never have to buy a new Digital photo album. Only if you want a new design.
  2. You can share the album with your friends and family. In Goodnotes ,there’s an option to export so you can either Export the Memory Book and print the pages out orrrr share the link.
  3. Not everything has to go on social media, keep your special moments offline and in the Digital Memory Book.

Using a Digital memory book is such a fun and environment-friendly way to scrapbook or save your special moments.

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Digital Memory Book

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