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17 Wildly Unique Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Learn, 17 Wildly Unique Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

We often focus on others, our friends, family, partner, and celebrities, but we forget to focus on ourselves. Sometimes we spend time knowing another person’s wants, needs, likes, dislikes, wishes, but are unsure of our own.

So, who are you? Who are you outside of your friends, family, and your job? What are your quirks, what do you like or dislike, what is your personal mission statement. When you’re all alone without outside influence what do you enjoy doing?

Yes, We are hoping right to it. I created a list of questions to ask your self. These questions are great for journaling or just a candid conversation with yourself.

Journal Prompts: Questions to Ask Yourself

Its time to get to know yourself more, so here it is,

1.Who Am I?

Take a moment to truly sit with this question. Inhale and exhale, then ask yourself the question again. Write down whatever comes first to your mind.

2. What Is My Favorite Food?

What is your favorite dish? and asks yourself why? Is it because of the taste, the color, or do you enjoy making it? Is it a traditional meal? How does this cuisine make you feel?

3. What Do I Like To Do?

Think of a day where you have zero obligation and can literally do any and everything you want. What would you like to do? Would you spend time on Netflix, Youtube, Playing soccer, creating art, or making music? Write it down.

4. Do I Love Myself?

Did you have to think about this? Was there a hesitation? If so, take a quiet moment and think why. Ask yourself a follow-up question “What do I love about myself”. Really dive deep with this prompt.

15. What Color Relaxes Me The Most?

Colors sometimes have a direct effect on our emotions. For example, the color red and yellow is often used to incite hunger, Which is why fast food places often use these to colors. So, if these two colors can cause hunger. What colors when you look upon it causes you to instantly relax? For me, when I see the color Sage I immediately associate it with calmness and peace. It brings me instant relaxation. So, What color is that for you?

6. Where Do I See Myself In 2 Years?

What does the best version of your life look like? Where do you live? What are you doing? Envision how your life will look like as specifically as possible.

7. What Am I Proud of?

It’s ok to pat yourself on the back. It’s also OK to feel proud of any and all of your accomplishments. List them out! List the things you are proud of and congratulate yourself.

8. Who’s The Most Important Person In My Life?

Knowing who your “person” is, your day one, the people who have your back, your tribe is vital. Community is everything. Most people constantly talk about self-care but forget to mention there’s actually 6 different forms of self-care and they are all equally important. Social self-care is one of the forms of self-care, which is spending time with your loved one the people you vibe with. So, who is the most important person/people in your life?

9. What’s my Secret Talent?

Everyone has a talent. What’s something that sets you apart from others.

10.What’s My Biggest Secret?

What’s a secret that you never shared with anyone and I mean not a single soul. Is it a funny, deep dark secret, scary, or happy? Write it down.

11. Who Do I Talk To The Most?

Who is your go-to person? And Why? How does that person make you feel? What do you like about them? Do you know them as much as they know you? What subject do you talk to them the most about?

12. What Are My Hobbies?

Hobbies are great for relaxation and creativity. List out your hobbies and try to get to the root of why you like doing them. It will help uncover more of yourself.

13. What Are Some Things I Don’t Like?

Learning yourself is great. Learn what you like but don’t neglect to learn what you don’t like. Creating this balance will give you a better understanding of yourself so you’ll be able to stand firm with any decision.

14. What Are My Core Values?

Core values are values that create the foundation of who you are. These values determine our behavior, perception of self, and others. It’s our compass on how we will navigate the world. A few of my core values are, treat others with respect, treat myself with respect, don’t take anything personally, and more. There is a really good book called The Four Agreements that has changed my life with these teachings.

15. How Would I Describe Myself?

Think about who you are in this present moment and you are meeting a stranger for the first time. What is a one-minute elevator pitch about yourself would you tell this person. Think of the key things you would want them to know about you.

16. What Version Of Yourself Do You Present To Your Friends/Family?

This is a good question because it holds us accountable. We may think we are one way but in reality, people perceive us in many different ways. You may show different sides of yourself to different people and those friends may have only perceived you from their understanding of what you allow them to know. So think, how do my friends see me than furthermore think about how do I want them to see me.

17. What’s My Favorite Animal?

Are you a dog person or perhaps cats? Do you love wolves or more into marine life, like Dolphins or Whales? I read a really interesting article on BuzzFeed about what your favorite animal says about you. It’s a fun little quiz to check out. I do think your favorite animals are a great way to reveal more about yourself, look up that animal and its characteristic see if you identify with any.

17 Wildly Unique Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Take Away-17 Wildly Unique Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Knowing yourself is the best way to self-discovery and self-love. Only you know who you are and you’re forever changing and growing. This is the best form of a relationship one can have. This knowledge of self will turn into assurance and confidence that no one can take away from you. So spend time with yourself and enjoy it!

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