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My 5 Favorite Travel Essentials

My top 5 favorite travel essentials I use for all of my trips!

My 5 favorite Travel Essentials

  1. Portable Hanging Travel Shelves

This is my number one go-to travel product. I have never gone on a trip without bringing my portable travel shelves! This saves you time and space. Also, very easy to use. To pack your bag, just hang the portable shelves up, load your clothes, close the bag, and put it in your suitcase. Once you’ve arrived at your destination you can open the suitcase and hang it in a closet, or over the door. You never have to unpack.

2.Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub, Original, 1 oz – 3 pack

I have really sensitive skin and when I am in a new climate my skin tends to break out. I discovered this product back in 2008.. YES! I have been using this for such a long time because it really works for me. My recent trip to LA I forgot to bring it with me and broke out. After buying this, in two days my face was clear again.

3. Portable Charger

I love this charger! Being able to see when the battery pack is about to die instead of guessing, is such a huge plus! My biggest fear is my phone dying while in a foreign country without knowing the language.

4. My Favorite camera!

The screen flips out! This is the perfect vlogging camera. I take this on all of my trips. This is the camera I use for my youtube videos.

5.Toiletry Holder

Clearly I like to optimize my space. This toiletry holder also has a hanging option with multiple compartments. It’s easy to take out for the TSA check. Just make sure all of your products are under 4oz

My 5 Favorite Travel Essentials

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