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Teaching English in China Salary: How much can you make in 2021?

The expected salary for Teaching English in China depends on your experience, location, negotiation power, and teaching positions.

Teachers can expect to be paid between 6,000 – 30,000 RMB ($907- $4,537 USD). The salary ranges between experience and inexperience teachers.

However, there are different factors that affect a teachers’ earning potential such as:



3.Teaching positions


 Your Teaching Position Determines Your Teaching Salary In China

There are several different positions you can do when teaching abroad in China.

  1. Kindergarten ( ages 2-5-year-olds)
  2. Training/Learning centers ( Kids and Adults)
  3. College/ University Professor
  4. Certified Teacher At International School
  5. Public or Primary School Teacher

International schools, in general, pay more but requires you to be a certified teacher. While Universities pay the least but you have the most freedom.

Each position has its pros and cons, so it’s best to figure out which position you will feel comfortable with and the salary that goes along with it.

China is an inexpensive country so all of the salaries mentioned are livable for new and experienced teachers.

You will be able to save the most money on an International, Training center, and/or kindergarten Teacher salary in china.

Teaching English In China Salary For Kindergarten

Kindergarten positions pay the highest if you are a certified teacher.

Kindergartens in China differ from the ones in the USA. Kindergartens in China are really a combination of preschool-age children and kindergarten. The ages range from 2- 5 years olds.

The normal operating hours are between 8- 4:30 pm for a private Kindergarten. You will have teaching hours and office hours.

Teaching hours are the hours you are physically teaching in the classroom. While office hours are the hour you use to lesson plan and get ready for the next day.

The salary range between 10,000 -15,000RMB, in some cases you can receive more. This position has additional benefits such as housing stipend and paid holidays.

Another great benefit is ..FREE lunch.

The class time is relatively short, you may teach between 30 -45 minutes.

I taught kindergarten in Hangzhou, China. I taught two hours out of the day but engaged with the children throughout the day.

I also had two groups of children that I rotated with for morning and afternoon classes.

International Schools Teaching Salary In China

International schools in China are schools for expat children.

In China, if you aren’t a Chinese citizen you have to go to an International school.

International schools focus on American or British based curriculum.

International schools only accepted qualified teachers. So, only teachers who have experience and are certified with a bachelor’s degree in education can apply.

Since these positions are highly sot after, there is a HUGE demand for these teachers. With such a large demand the pay for these teachers has increased.

As a certified teacher in an international school in China, your expected salary will be between 18,000RMB – 30,000rmb ( roughly $2,000-$4,000 USD).

This is the highest paying teaching position in China and in my opinion the best.

You will have plenty of money left over to enjoy yourself, travel, and save.

This position is a normal 40 hour a week teaching position.

Salaries For Teaching English In Colleges And Universities

An English college professor has the freest time.

You are only required to teach your class times and then you can leave for the day. The hours per week are roughly around 15-17 hours a week or less. Although this has the freest time where you can explore China, it doesn’t pay the most.

This position pays the least.

You are still able to have free accommodation on campus, So, if you want to explore China then this is the best position to have.

The salary range between 6,000-9,000RMB, depending on if it’s a public or private university.

Public universities are more lucrative than private. This position offers free accommodation usually on campus, a month off for Chinese New Year, paid summer off, and all major holidays.

This position gives you plenty of time to explore China and neighboring countries.

Salaries For  Training Centers

Learning centers are basically after school tutoring centers for Chinese children to practice English.

Teaching at a training center you are basically a tutor. The children come here after their long day of school and on weekends to practice English.

These institutes are paid for by the parents. Training centers also known as learning centers are the most common teaching jobs for foreigners.

You are paid reasonably if you negotiate your salary. You do have to work evening hours and on weekends but most foreigners work these hours as well.

So, if you are a morning person this is a perfect position for you.

The salary ranges significantly depending on the company and location. At training centers, you are working with diverse age groups. Children between 6- 18 years old.

There are also adult training centers that usually cater to business professionals. These often pay well too. The pay ranges for adults are 20-22k RMB.

Training center hires the most and is the easiest and fast way to enter the country.

Salaries for Teaching English in Public Schools

Public school has the most freedom in regards to teaching.

Although, the class size is pretty large around 20 – 30 students. In some cases, you may have 60 children that you teach throughout the day.

Public schools have standard holiday days off and other major benefits too. Your teaching hours are less compared to Kindergartens. The teaching hours are around 16-20 hours a week.

You have free lunch and paid vacation time with longer time off during the Chinese holidays.

You also have more freedom with your lesson and teaching style. You may or may not have a co-teacher so class management is a must. This is a bit challenging but can be rewarding

The salary for this posotion is 6,200-15,300 ($900-$2,200) per month.

Always Negotiate Your Teaching Salary in China

Now that you are familiar with the pay scale, you have the knowledge to negotiate your salary.

If you have the experience and qualifications don’t be afraid to state your desire pay.

Negotiation is apart of Chinese culture and if a school isn’t willing to accept your pay desire.. move on. There are literally thousands of other schools. Don’t sell yourself short.

I hope this helps you! If you want a free guide to WeChat of recruiters located in china or a list of job boards click here.

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