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Prepare for Transformation: Top 6 Mindset Shifts

A healthy Mindset is the most important thing one can have in life.

In our series of Preparing For Transformation, which involves Vision, Decluttering, and Mindset Shifts.

I want to focus on the last step, Mindset

If you want to change your life, you have to change your mind.

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I am constantly reinventing myself to become the best version of myself and live the life I desire.

Once, I gave myself permission to live my dream life, I realized how I viewed the world directly affects my reality.

In order to change my life, my course of action was to fix my thought process and take actionable steps to obtain my desires.

Mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. There are 3 different type of mindset.

  1. Abundance mindset
  2. Growth Mindset
  3. Positive Mindset

Having an Abundance Mindset is thinking that there is more than enough for everyone. You are not thinking in a Scarcity Mindset, which is lacking and limited resources. When thinking in Abundance, you believe that whatever you have you will create more of it.

An example of an Abundance Mindset verse scarcity is, Thinking giving away free items will hurt my business and no one will want to purchase my other product.

This thought made me feel sad, frustrated, and drained. Then I switch to thinking in abundance, ” I am providing value and trust with my free product and people are enjoying it”.

With this shift, when I think of the abundant thoughts I feel happy and fulfilled which makes me want to create more freebies to help.

Bonus: Law of reciprocity -when you send out good thoughts and action, that energy will come back to you.

Below, Are My Top 6 Favorite Mindset Shifts

These tips have helped me relax and flow in life to create the life I desire.

1.I Am Allowing My Path To Unfold

I use to stress about my life purpose. I couldn’t see working my life away at a job that I didn’t like. I wanted to travel the world, experience new things, but I couldn’t find a job that align with what I want to do.

I had over 10 different jobs, moved abroad to china, travel to over 10 countries, and just allowed the self-discovery process to unfold. Through this journey, I realized what I like and I knew the answer the whole time. sometimes your life purpose isn’t this big grand thing. it could be as simple as giving people advice, making people lif for helping people become the best version of there self

ted talk to listen to :

2. I Get To Experience Today

This is my favorite mindset shift I incorporated. Not to be morbid but the day isn’t promised. We are lucky to have the day. Instead of saying I have to do this as if it is a chore I think in an abundance mindset and express gratitude that I am happy I GET To experience the day and everything that come with it. Truly appreciate the little simple things in life and you will see the difference it makes

3. It’s Ok To Take A Break

Rest is a part of growth. You have to give your mind, body, and soul a break from the day. Rest helps you become stronger. In our society, rest is sometimes translated to lazy but if you need a moment to recharge then take it. I recently learned there are 7 different ways to rest, that are extremely important for our growth.

  1. Physical Rest – Normal night sleep
  2. Mental Rest- Silencing your thoughts and relaxing your mind
  3. Social Rest- Taking time to yourself away from social events
  4. Creative Rest- Creating art, solving problems, cooking, using your creative side.
  5. Emotional Rest- Releasing emotions in a Journal or doing things that make you happy
  6. Spiritual Rest- Doing things that bring purpose to your life or volunterring to your favorite organization.
  7. Sensory Rest- Doing things that will not overload out 5 sense, this can be taking a walk in nature and mediate.

The purpose of resting is to replenish oneself. How often are you resting?

4.Tiny Steps Lead To Big Things

This was the hardest mindset shift for me, especially in this day in age where instant gratification is EVERYWHERE. Each blog or IG post I expected to go viral or receive a lot of attention and just instantly become successful. Instead of focusing on what I have accomplished and realizing these small steps will eventually lead me to my overall goal. So, instead of focusing on lack, I shifted my mind to focus on growth

5. Mistake Are How I Learn How To Get Better

Making mistake is the best way to learn and learn fast! I often make mistakes, when I travel. I will get lost or mispronounce a landmark but once I make the mistake, I learn from it. I will learn from the experience and remember to not make the mistake again.

Making mistakes isn’t something to dwell on, give yourself thanks for even trying and then correct the mistake. We aren’t perfect so it is ok. You have now learned from your mistake and will be more prepared next time.

6.Money Is Energy That Flows To Me

Who doesn’t want to just have a large lump sum of money deposited into their bank account?

Who is ready to drink smoothies in a villa in Bali?

I know I am.

Guess what?

This is completely possible! Money is a mindset, money is energy that flows to you when you are ready to accept it.

I view money as a river, if I have rocks( negative thoughts) in the river, the river will not flow freely, if I clear the rocks from the river,the river will flow easier and freely.

I believe you just have to create a path without rock(negaitve thoughts) for the river to flow and it will.

My favorite mantra to say is ” Money is easy and flows freely to me ”

Preparing for Transformation

“A changed mind, is a changed life.”

Having a good perspective in your life can drastically change your life for the better. You will feel more energized, happy, and content in life. You will feel motivated to achieve the things you want and desire. Having a good mindset is the most important thing to have when you are ready to change your life.

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